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  1. Hey Garnet just so you know Marine Officers can spawn the vehicles and no I don't mean Marsoc. It was tested, Marine Officers can spawn the vehicles
  2. I realize that, I read something wrong and I'm a dumbass for it
  3. Not what I'm saying at all. I've stated many people have left because they can't jump around in combat anymore.
  4. The top one. The top one. I might have read that wrong
  5. Fair points. Except the jump combat one. As I have said many times. People need to find other ways to play than breaking their hitboxes.
  6. CSDesert is a much smaller map than the one we use now, The only true benefits the vehicles provide is multiple troop transports. The stamina bar has improved the server in ways of combat. The sprinting time will be fixed. It is a minor update that people are bitching and complaining about too much. It's 1 small minor itty bitty thing that people don't like for a pathetic reason. Not everyone left because of the stam bar. Though a lot did, Fuck the ones that left. We'll get players that actually care about the server instead of just the fighting. And the people jumping around too much should get better at fighting fairly without having to break their fucking hitboxes to win a fight.
  7. (Once more I know I'll get hate for this but idc.) Just want to point out, Those whom have left the server do to the new lack of "jumpy combat" are pathetic. It's 1 minor update that has made things for fair when it comes to combat. If people are truly going to bitch and complain over something as simple as this then why have them apart of the server at all? Without the stam bar vehicles would be almost irrelevant when it comes to getting from place to place. The stam bar has improved the server people are just pissy cause they can't hop around in combat anymore which they so desperately relied on in the past. As for the stam going down too fast when running, Garnet said he's going to be fixing that seeing how it isn't working how it is intended. Not everyone has left due to stam it's also cause of summer vaca. But to those that did leave cause of the stam bar I have 2 words for you. Grow up.
  8. My post was mainly directed to those complaining about not being able to jump around
  9. (I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for this but...) The only good thing that has come out of the whole stamina thing is that combat has finally been fun. People can't jump around anymore. I personally think this is wonderful. Makes combat fair like it should be You don't see people jumping around as much and breaking hitboxes. The people that complain about clearly use it nonstop in combat so I recommend finding other methods to fight. I personally suck at the game but I still have fun without having to jump around like a fucking kangaroo breaking hitboxes. For those who complain about "jumpy combat" being nerfed now I say get over it. Time to play fair.
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