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  1. Amazing update, but the best part is that I can finally have spaghetti and other pastas both in game and IRL. (if spaghetti is one of the food items that is)
  2. The new event system sounds great Can't wait to try it out for myself.
  3. Luxembourg 🇱🇺

    1. Luxembourg


      Do you need assistance with anything?

    2. Titan1


      no i just thought Luxembourg was cool 🇱🇺


    3. ajbedhead


      I need some assistance here lux

  4. Looks like an amazing update! Can't wait to use the new knives and see how they handle.
  5. whyd ya ban me lux


  6. hey why did you ban I know I was reported and after I text and sent it the one who reported  me my Wi-Fi went out so I went back to the sever and I got the report again so I text again and my Wi-Fi went out again and  when I fixed it I'm ban can I kindly get unban and if slayed me I wait for the the slays then leave the sever 


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