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  1. Old KH Baby Can't wait for that 10 man with M60 Holding Comms xd
  2. Great job you guys ! Can't wait to hop on the server and get my immersion =D , Also is there a link for the steam workshop?
  3. Glad the leaderboard is still on beta, here's a list of my problems with the leaderboard: 1) You can't move just like the previous leaderboard ( we used to able to move and Press TAB in the same time) 2) Ability to sort my leaderboard by Jobs , name , money , or even ping. 3) Takes too many spaces on my screen ( on the old one i could tell what's going on to my right & left) Before: After: 4) The "Currently active player" that's in the buttom left corner is too small and coloured white so it's hard to read 5) Just like Dexx said maybe make the T
  4. images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSOjeUtcRyJDVPwQJ7z1BR That's One sexy ibanez guitar , might buy this later.

    1. Garnet


      I have 2. Awesome guitars

    2. shrimp


      HH config is always gnarly on ibanez


  5. I'm getting the same error as pencil.
  6. Didn't know about this... Sorry for the false result on the other update, and thanks for giving us a head hitbox
  7. Silo to either CSDesert comms / Taigav3 Town / TaigaForest Company. These are my top 3s fun objs
  8. This whole update Is 10/10 Exactly what i wanted now we just need to nerf AEK
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