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  1. proggy is corrupt and biased  

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    2. glowsticks


      did you take the time to photo shop  a Stalin propaganda poster lol


    3. Soldier


      Nope, the guy I pinged in that post is the guy who made it.

    4. Bortnik_


      Yessir, it takes a man to give credit 

  2. the staff on your server are abusing there powers 

    1. Spilq


      He’s the main culprit, you should speak to @DiegoZavier instead.

    2. Zachman


      I'm deeply sorry for abusing 

  3. If anyone has any leads on any remote-job openings PM me. I want to quit my current day-job by mid November. 😑

    1. Phantom


      I heard TTT is hiring a new Manager.

    2. Phantom


      Ever heard of Forex trading? (JK don't do this)

  4. Having the worst toothache of my life and I'm uninsured and its labor day weekend. I want to dieeeeeeeee.

    1. Ozzy


      Tooth aches are the fucking worst. Never feels like anything helps.

    2. Shin_Tsukimi


      Yeah toothaches fucking suck. Just try not to eat anything hard (when I got toothaches, I mostly try to eat soupy foods.) and that will help a bit.

  5. Congrats lad, sorry I didn't last as long as I hoped I would. Maybe in the future I will come back fresh 🙂

  6. Congrats on getting SA proggy, im happy that you’ve came this far.

    1. Bortnik_
    2. ResistLunar


      I dont know you guys yet but since aj said it ill say it to congrats!

    3. ImHomeless
  7. imagine not bein able to fix printers smh

    1. Lieutenant General

      Lieutenant General

      whats your SAT score?

    2. proggy


      ur mom

    3. Shin_Tsukimi


      Oh shit, get fucked Lt.

  8. Did another circle around the sun. 👽

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    2. Zachman


      happy BirthDay Proggy!

    3. Captainswag


      happy bday man, hope its gonna be good day for ya

    4. poopa


      hapue birtfahday

  9. Attention Garnet Gamers I'm sure many of the DarkRP players here are aware of the stability issues we have been having recently. Garnet has been looking into this issue all day, and he's suspecting that the issue is stemming from our Unbox plugin. Unfortunately, Unbox will need to be wiped or even removed entirely. We understand this is a big deal to many players, and that unbox offers exclusive content. However, Server stability is really important for the server population to remain healthy. If Unbox gets fully removed, we can see about updating how the exclusive content found in unbox
  10. brain constantly be goin AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    1. Bortnik



    2. Toucan


      Brain go caveman ooaa a

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