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  1. Thanks for removing your -1 from my past application lol.

  2. CityRP Server Rules Disclaimer: it is your responsibility to read and abide by our server rules, failure to do so may result in a punishment. UPDATED 1/12/2021 Newly added rules will be indicated with yellow text GENERAL RULES ROLEPLAY RULES VEHICLE / PEDESTRIAN / CARJACKING RULES BUILDING & BASING RULES RAIDING RULES MUGGING RULES PARTY RULES GANG WAR RULES JOB RULES
  3. finally on the alltime popular contributors. too hollywood for yall now

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. PIuto


      I'm so fucking proud of you

    3. stretchy


      Aim to get to the top of all-time popular 🙂

    4. Shin_Tsukimi
  4. spacer.png

    1. TheDudeAbidesV3


      You know you love my white noise

  5. Who plays OSRS? Drop ur rsn if ya do
    Mine is: Prawgy


    1. Broku


      I dont play but my friend does. His rsn is Bomb707

    2. Broku


      He said he doesn't have much on OSRS but he has 14 99s on RS3. 

  6. I still have nightmares about that cat

  7. He found it! Ima give you your money now B-) I'll probably do one of these like once a month, it was fun to see everyone runnin around lookin for it.
  8. nope not it. Okay just so i dont boost my post count via this thread, I'll stop responding to the thread, but I am watching it! I'll only respond once someone has correctly found it.
  9. That looks like a watermelon hat left behind from a person using franklin that died. Not it though keep lookin
  10. nope! always been there. Remember guys the prop is in the Comic Props section, and wont have a prop owner.
  11. not it. but there is an easter egg there left by evity. If you go to that pumpkin at a server restart, there is a $10,000 cash stack left there that he permapropped.
  12. No its a perma prop, so it does not have a prop owner.
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