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  1. CityRP Server Rules Disclaimer: it is your responsibility to read and abide by our server rules, failure to do so may result in a punishment. UPDATED 1/12/2021 Newly added rules will be indicated with yellow text GENERAL RULES ROLEPLAY RULES VEHICLE / PEDESTRIAN / CARJACKING RULES BUILDING & BASING RULES RAIDING RULES MUGGING RULES PARTY RULES GANG WAR RULES JOB RULES
  2. finally on the alltime popular contributors. too hollywood for yall now

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    2. PIuto


      I'm so fucking proud of you

    3. stretchy


      Aim to get to the top of all-time popular 🙂

    4. Shin_Tsukimi
  3. spacer.png

    1. TheDudeAbidesV3


      You know you love my white noise

  4. Who plays OSRS? Drop ur rsn if ya do
    Mine is: Prawgy


    1. Broku


      I dont play but my friend does. His rsn is Bomb707

    2. Broku


      He said he doesn't have much on OSRS but he has 14 99s on RS3. 

  5. He found it! Ima give you your money now B-) I'll probably do one of these like once a month, it was fun to see everyone runnin around lookin for it.
  6. nope not it. Okay just so i dont boost my post count via this thread, I'll stop responding to the thread, but I am watching it! I'll only respond once someone has correctly found it.
  7. That looks like a watermelon hat left behind from a person using franklin that died. Not it though keep lookin
  8. nope! always been there. Remember guys the prop is in the Comic Props section, and wont have a prop owner.
  9. not it. but there is an easter egg there left by evity. If you go to that pumpkin at a server restart, there is a $10,000 cash stack left there that he permapropped.
  10. No its a perma prop, so it does not have a prop owner.
  11. DarkRP Community Event Find the hidden Easter Egg Date Starting 12/2 Time Now Location The entire map (minus adminland and inaccessible areas) Prize Pot $5,000,000 in-game currency Objective I've hidden an easter-egg in the map and permapropped it. Your objective is to find it. First person to post a screenshot of the 'easter-egg' in this thread will get the prize. Hints The prop is not actually an egg. I won't tell you what prop it is, but I will say it is a prop from the Comic Props section, a
  12. new mrp map is pretty slick ngl.

  13. Hey man, I was just the messenger. @E33OR will be stoked though.
  14. For anyone unaware, this update is live now. The event system is sick so come check it out! Also if your ADV Dupe was broken from the last update, it is now fixed.
  15. The good news is we haven't overflowed since our last update almost 3 days ago. We did have host issues yesterday but those were unrelated to the crashing issue we have been having. Fingers crossed that we did actually fix the overflows and that its not just a lucky streak of no crashes.
  16. If anyone has any leads on any remote-job openings PM me. I want to quit my current day-job by mid November. 😑

    1. Phantom


      I heard TTT is hiring a new Manager.

    2. Phantom


      Ever heard of Forex trading? (JK don't do this)

  17. I removed them to minimize the use of permaprops. I did add one of the bigger chessboard props to the parking lot area right of spawn. For the old roof 1 and 2 by fountain, hobos can build on them since theres no buyable doors under them. The rest of the old roofs are just for parkouring and stuff since there are bases under them. Our rule that you must build inside your purchasable doors still applies, so no roof bases.
  18. Having the worst toothache of my life and I'm uninsured and its labor day weekend. I want to dieeeeeeeee.

    1. Ozzy


      Tooth aches are the fucking worst. Never feels like anything helps.

    2. Shin_Tsukimi


      Yeah toothaches fucking suck. Just try not to eat anything hard (when I got toothaches, I mostly try to eat soupy foods.) and that will help a bit.

  19. imagine not bein able to fix printers smh

    1. Lieutenant General

      Lieutenant General

      whats your SAT score?

    2. proggy
    3. Shin_Tsukimi


      Oh shit, get fucked Lt.

  20. Did another circle around the sun. 👽

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    2. Zachman


      happy BirthDay Proggy!

    3. Captainswag


      happy bday man, hope its gonna be good day for ya

    4. poopa


      hapue birtfahday

  21. Let me know, I'm available until around midnight.
  22. I dont like mayors having a full fledged base inside the PD for a few reasons. 1) police can NLR during pd raids, making things very difficult if they reach certain numbers. 2) The police force can sometimes be VERY large. Keep in mind that raiding is limited to groups of 5, and parties limited to 7, but there can be up to 27 players on civil protection classes. I know the police classes will likely never be completely filled but still, it is not uncommon for there to be 10+ cops when there is a good mayor. 3) Mayors that take 5-6 hours to die is only disallowing more people fro
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