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  1. My guy It's not that hard to Download TS, Just download it and be in it from time to time. Here's the link so there's literally no chance of u getting a virus. https://teamspeak.com/en/downloads/

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    2. Medinator


      @PINKTACO2 If you need a guide on how to use TS im more than happy to help 

    3. PINKTACO2


      i got TS 

    4. petal


      If you got TS connect to it by clicking on connections, then connect, then put in "Garnet" and connect 🙂

  2. What about our guns that are already perm, will those be stripped from us and turned into 30 day packages instead or will we be able to keep those perma?
  3. Going to +1 for now, assuming this was anti cheat I don’t really trust it right now, its been banning a shit ton of “cheaters” recently, same with Enigma. Either way, until hardcore evidence is provided +1
  4. Thank you Garnet for making such an awesome community! I really love being apart of Garnet Gaming as a whole. Really look forward to being around for a while and to see what happens from here on out.
  5. Quick question, Lets say recently someone bought money on the donation store what happens to them? I suggest anyone who bought money a month ( Or however much time u think is just) can re-gain that money after the wipe by making a donation support.
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