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  1. He did already mention these will be in the second part, as well as weapon fixes and adding the proper weapons cause it's not just those two classes that don't have them
  2. 10 hour shower power

  3. Looking forward to the complete setup for Afghan. Nice to see them return again in a better setup way
  4. Gamma was one of the kindest community members. He appreciated people and could talk for a damn long time about shit. You couldn't ask for a better person to have a conversation with because he listened to you if you listened to him. I frequently reacquainted with him during my returns and exits within the server and never would of took him as someone who was having a bad time in his life. Even if you never got to talk to him or enjoy his company, this entire community has shown that he was well respected and a great friend for many. He was loved more than he could know and its hard knowing that he didn't get to see how many people he truly impacted by just being a good dude. May he rest easy. o7
  5. Myself and many other people are going to miss you. Your heart was always in a good place when it came to others. Rest easy 

  6. Okay, wasn't asking it like a dick either if it came off as such. But another question would be what does this mean for those that prestiged? Understandable if that's a later problem but it seems like the buffs from prestiging are somewhat obsolete considering the damage buff and nerf (armor). Would the benefits be swapped for prestiging or would the values be highered?
  7. Was there some sort of post regarding the skill tree system that you made where players came up with these ideas?
  8. If it's called a community meeting it should be a community meeting. A meeting between officers and SOC neglects non officer entry players and makes it seem like they dont hold value. Many players could be old, come from other servers with experience, or just players with good ideas who are seemingly shut down. This should be the meeting that welcomes absolutely anyone to come into the channel and provide feedback or be able to at least hear what others are talking about to possibly add to the subject. Just my take, though. Maybe theres a reason I'm missing to why you would limit it as such.
  9. I've only ignored one persons signature before and it was shruggers, yet you manage to top his with this shit

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    2. Nutter


      how did he even... I set a 500 pixel max image size :^(

    3. Homast


      I'm not sure how I did it.
      But I've gone ahead and changed it to something smaller

  10. 2GA T1 & T2 are both capped at 5 players max but US Army has an unlimited cap. Are they meant to be unlimited since entry or is it actually supposed to be capped?
  11. Reserves has a lot of issues but I don't think that means the system needs to be cleared. Staff moderation is a good idea and should of been a thing years ago. Reserves does offer incentive for players to come back who are long gone. Clearly the fact that players come back and use these ranks to gain instant power after not being in the loop for quite some time is an issue. Too many times to count where a player comes back and holds an officer rank and either snags the leadership once it dies or tries to make a stand for another faction they aren't apart of. To eliminate that is to restrict how much power and access reserved players have. It's a reserved rank, so really there shouldn't be any power to begin with. The rank is as simple as being an extra body on the whitelist that's really there to just assist the leader or active officers with things like tryouts and sims. Make it so reserved players can't come off reserves until a solid 2 weeks+ of activity on the server. I've done it myself where I've came back and played for a bit, came of a reserved rank within about 2 or 3 days and realised I wasn't really enjoying the server and left. If not that, you could simply make it so if someone decides to come off reserves they just restart at the base rank of the faction and rework themselves up. Better than no reserves. This doesn't bother me so much because I've lost the majority of my reserved ranks on this server anyways for bullshit or X reasons, but also because everytime I've came back on a reserved rank I don't tend stay there very long. But I thought to add some imput because I don't agree with the way it's being handled regardless of how much it affects me.
  12. I've been hyped since I saw this on SWRP and you wanted to do it for MRP. Personally love the tiers
  13. Glad you were able to restart the SWRP idea. Hopefully the server goes smoothly my man
  14. Does the quiz now apply to Marines or is it still considered Army and 2GA?
  15. So, I guess we aren't holding hands anymore? 😞

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