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  1. If it's called a community meeting it should be a community meeting. A meeting between officers and SOC neglects non officer entry players and makes it seem like they dont hold value. Many players could be old, come from other servers with experience, or just players with good ideas who are seemingly shut down. This should be the meeting that welcomes absolutely anyone to come into the channel and provide feedback or be able to at least hear what others are talking about to possibly add to the subject. Just my take, though. Maybe theres a reason I'm missing to why you would limit i
  2. I've only ignored one persons signature before and it was shruggers, yet you manage to top his with this shit

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    2. Garnet


      how did he even... I set a 500 pixel max image size :^(

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      I'm not sure how I did it.
      But I've gone ahead and changed it to something smaller

  3. Reserves has a lot of issues but I don't think that means the system needs to be cleared. Staff moderation is a good idea and should of been a thing years ago. Reserves does offer incentive for players to come back who are long gone. Clearly the fact that players come back and use these ranks to gain instant power after not being in the loop for quite some time is an issue. Too many times to count where a player comes back and holds an officer rank and either snags the leadership once it dies or tries to make a stand for another faction they aren't apart of. To eliminate that is to restrict
  4. So, I guess we aren't holding hands anymore? 😞

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      no fuck you

  5. She said I looked poggers


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      she a keeper

  6. She only talks in twitch emotes 

    Queen 🤤

  7. Status updates actually gonna be the move 

  8. Show them our professional and very helpful staff team at work Our serious RP (we kidnapped a car) What happens if you're a bad boi Our one handed ARs that are exclusively exclusive Funny little hand thing. Classic hands MARSOC showoff RU showoff A little bit of an outdated and nostalgic ss. Shows how far the maps have came too
  9. Theres been some tough points throughout the years but you manage to pull through. Good to see the community doing even better than it was before dude.
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