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  1. cannot wait to play this. also the battlefield players call it conquest (correct version) while the cod losers call it domination. you had it right the first time and despite the bitching from others, a ton of players love that you are putting in effort with MRP and truly appreciate the updates you’re putting out
  2. i’m really liking the new colors of taiga. didn’t know i needed this change until it happened. can’t wait to see more then eventually the final product. also really excited to see the bunkers in each base once you finish that
  3. Have been talking about this addon a ton recently and was debating whether or not i should suggest it again. I would absolutely love to see this come back if the bugs that come with it could be fixed Other than that, amazing update. Hope to see some more fire updates like this soon
  4. I personally would absolutely love to see Company return instead of Airstrip. Although Airstrip might be more fitting to the airforces, hopefully they will get replaced with MP soon and it won’t matter all that much. I just believe that company was a major part of what made taiga_v3 such a good map. It was one of the best objectives you’ve ever made and I would absolutely love to see the return of it instead of Airstrip And i’m not able to quote things on my phone right now but I would love to see a bunker added for each side as well as Theos said above
  5. noticing some stuff from the trello and some community feedback changes on here. great work on this update. can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next week
  6. Flak

    let’s squash beef bro 😄

  7. pain

    1. AwesomeAidan0221
    2. Silo


      Pain 1993 without the 1993

  8. v3 still remains to be my favorite map to this day. This was the first map that i rode all the way out all up until siberia so it will be very nostalgic for me while it will hopefully bring a rise in the player count as high as it used to be on the original taiga
  9. What kind of car do y'all drive? Just curious since i recently got my license about a year ago.

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    2. DiegoZavier


      2019 rav4 hybrid ❤️

    3. Porche


      hahahah porche driv porche haha

  10. damn this is the first time i've heard about this crash since i've come back to the server. i know you literally said that you don't want people to sympathize for you but try not to push yourself to your absolute limits working your servers. i truly hope that you begin to feel better so the surgery doesn't become necessary
  11. good shit garnet, i cant wait to see what the credit system is going to be like
  12. looks like a lot of fun garnet, cant wait to try it out.
  13. Nice, I saw some of the map in your stream from last night and it looks amazing. Very excited for it to be updated
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