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  1. Content Creator Generally I started getting back into using Adobe Illustrator and photoshop again this year after being away for over a year but I do have quite alot of experience making basic logos and editing photos etc. I've been within this community for close to half a decade now and I'm always looking for new ways to improve or better it. Here is a Link to my Logo Portfolio from 2019, it includes a couple text logos, hand drawn logos, and just cool designs I came up with for people. https://austint5432.wixsite.com/logos Another Look at my work is Papiraqi's current forums
  2. So like lets get u to 2k rep

    1. proggy


      Eh. I'm in no rush to get rep. 

  3. How tf does your rep keep going positive, we were shooting on making you Gunners Clone

    1. Ba11ParkFrank41


      Bein a good boi that's how 😉 

  4. No more sits where a Cop or an assassin player model say they are a hit man and get away with it... but decent update, glad the donation bins back and will definitly use the top hat and act more classy
  5. Yo Buying credits with darkRP cash, message me!

  6. Hey man, you okay? you're down bad.

    1. Austin


      Are you telling me or asking me, either way much love


    2. special


      Great to hear man! Keep up that shake you've always been doing! See you on the flip side, later skater. 😎

  7. Explain yourself: pu9MMKL.png


    1. Romac622



    2. Austin


      It’s been over a year, trust me it was very wierd logging on and seeing that.

    3. The King of Rohan

      The King of Rohan

      gotta love when data doesn't load when you log on for the first time in ages... probably took like 1-2 minutes before it fixed itself

  8. yo dis shit crashed


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