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  1. Me waiting for your name to turn blue like: 


  2. cockinball for staff

    this is a joke

  3. why are you reacting to a post made in 2019

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Krim1


      Mans merked

    3. trench
    4. Clicher


      Just for that, imma react to your first post.

  4. “I will turn a ***** into a convertible. Let’s GOOO” ~ Car Dababy
  5. I’m glad you’re moving, that sounds awesome! Thanks for the update too, it’ll definitely make the defibrillator better to use in general.
  6. Thirsting for forum mod moment


    1. Horseyy


      ew forum mod

  7. 😎sunglasses cool emoji

  8. I have been procrastinating homework for 10+ hours, but I'm not allowed to play until I finish my homework, so I've literally just been wasting my time watching YouTube videos for the past 10 hours. I just want to play DRP DX

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    2. Horseyy


      School Suks good luck

    3. ajbedhead


      Did you end up finishing it?

    4. JackJJ
  9. Awesome update! It was a cool idea to add the CS:S textures as a workshop addon as well.
  10. Who's got the rookie numbers now?


    (jk lol ily)

  11. Just to be clear, I was already following proggy and ajbedhead. I just made my follows public lol.

    1. Krim1


      deffo asked

  12. I don’t even play MRP, but this just looks like a pretty big update. Have fun MilitaryRPers!
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