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  1. Community Management - I have only one ban, it's on DarkRP (more on that below), and I have 0 warns on all servers. I've been a part of the community for 2+ years now, I'm a Lead Admin on DarkRP, and I've just been accepted as a staff member on MilitaryRP. I've been staff on DarkRP since January and I was an L. Mod for DarkRP in 2019. I have a good reputation with pretty much everyone (except for the people that I've banned lol). I've always been a helping hand, willing to be of support whenever needed. I'd be more than happy to take on the role of a Community Manager. I've never felt more wel
  2. forum mod

    1. Zachman
    2. Clicher


      You both smell

    3. Ba11ParkFrank41


      says you

  3. Yo I don't mean to go too hard on you or anything and I know you probably won't even see this, but I need to get aggression out of my system. *exhales through nose* I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW BAD A STAFF MEMBER YOU WERE HOLY (if you don't know what this is about, just click on his profile and see for yourself)

    1. OpTic Gunner

      OpTic Gunner

      why so toxic

    2. rubikscube


      I got hacked tf you mean jack

    3. Fetn


      shut up

  4. Why do you put that same gif under all of your posts instead of just adding it to your signature?

    1. tdizz


      Didn't know that was a thing

    2. JackJJ


      Oh. I wouldn't have made this then if I knew that, but I just assumed you did know about signatures because you already had a signature lol.

  5. Hell yes! This update is awesome. Finally some use for prestiging and that teleporter looks dope as hell. Thanks!
  6. Yo this is a sick update. Tyvm garnet and time! Can’t wait to pull up on the homies with my hk45
  7. I have a similar issue. When I came back from my year-long break, I made a new forums account because I thought I had lost this one. I linked it to my main steam account, then a little while later I recovered this account and decided to link it to my alt steam account because I couldn't find any way to unlink it or change the linked steam accounts.
  8. Jelly Time!

  9. Thank you, I feel like the brick is really going to add to the server and might even change the entire PvP system. We’ll have to see, but I think there’s a chance it could open up an entirely new meta, possibly outclassing all other weapons!
  10. This is amazing. Thank you very much garnet man.
  11. Name: Jack JJ Reason: On MRP, I’ve become pretty well known for my ability to find camping spots, glitch spots, as well as other exploits with relative ease which Garnet would most likely not want on his maps. I can help greatly by pointing out these spots to executives and having them ruled out/blocked off. I’m also very excited to see this map in-action as I am a new MRP player and I’ve never played Delta before.
  12. How did you get into a afsoc faction??? you'd must given somebody a blowjob or something

    @hysteria mr vega, never let this man even tryout for vega

    1. JackJJ


      xD No, it was really just lucky. I guess a slot opened up, so they started hosting tryouts. I failed the first tryout, but luckily I passed the second one. Also, I have been doing vega tryouts, but unfortunately Kermat is just like way too good at sims for me lol.

    2. Toyota
    3. Horseyy


      Well cock inside of balls I think this was your longest run

  13. Respect Thanos and give me the same amount of positive rep as negative rep:


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