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  1. i think you should shut up

    1. Aparh


      Don't ever speak to my friend like that 😠

    2. hysteria


      Hofman come back to MRP !

    3. Im Dream

      Im Dream

      i think you should all play csgo with me


  2. that's why yo shoes raggedy

    1. Toucan


      that's why yo mama dead

  3. welcome to san andreas, i'm CJ from grove street

    1. LalaDeviluke


      you came to the wrong house foo

  4. on a scale from 1-10, what is your favorite color?

  5. sometimes i dream about cheese

  6. Here are some pictures I took from the Event Server Trailer.
  7. I appreciate all the updates that we get as garnet and the developers work hard on them. This update is great.
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