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  1. Definitely going to check it out! Used to play on the old server and was always a ton of fun, wonder if @Dillan knows about the new release already yet or not lol.
  2. Was the rate in which you get ammo from ammo crate intentionally changed? It feels way too slow now imo.
  3. Got 800 dollars for xmas, might be time to treat myself to a new PC (considering the one I'm using is quite literally dying on me lmao). Anyone good w/ computers and shit and would be able to help me out?

    1. Ozzy


      @Enigma slightly different budget but hit your boy up 

  4. which one of you made this 

  5. better than usual at least tbh, I'm just glad it's not as hot compared to summertime Florida lmao. Snow is wack IRL anyways so I'm not complaining about the weather kek
  6. was thinking of a new war system, but don't think it'd be possible without a major coding overhaul sadly rip

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. OpTic Gunner

      OpTic Gunner

      it looks cool but as a long term option i feel it wouldn't be as enjoyable. 

    3. Jake


      this is really original, wonder where you got this from? good work GA.

    4. PrisonNightmare


      ur just jealous of my creative genius sMh 😤

  7. whose alt is this lmao

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    2. ajbedhead


      They have a whole entire minge army on darkrp lmao. They were all on last week.

    3. QuandaryJoe


      I saw cumguy1 FUBAR in darkrp tonight, i cant believe theres 8 more!

    4. E33OR


      I'm pretty sure I banned one of them not to long ago. 

  8. bitch lmao!!!! get roated

    1. Gildarts


      roated, washed up bitch

    2. Jake


      both of you smell like shit

  9.  working on a new project atm

    Anyone want to test what I have so far for me? Need some less "experienced" people to try it out. I think it's around tier 2, could be a tier 3 though not totally sure. Would be grateful, thx.

  10. Looks hella good! definitely better than anything I could have made within the time period you've done it so far. Keep it up Garnet, loving the streams as well.
  11. just got phasmophobia pog

    1. Zachman


      Cool, there's lots of people that can play with you 🙂

    2. Bortnik_


      Just bought a ps6 W

    3. PrisonNightmare


      Just realized i can't get the voice recognition speech to work since I'm still on windows 7 rip lmao. Guess I might have to stop being lazy and actually update my fucking OS.

  12. got bored so tried to make a town layout, that shit is so hard to do lol. Props to garnet tbh, I could never do a full on type map like that. Took me a couple hours alone to just make this lol

    1. Ozzy


      Bruh. I was literally in the stream when you said you couldn’t pull anything like this off. This is sick for a first draft!

      You genuinely should look at creating some assets that Garnet could use.

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