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  1. how yall doing

    1. JackJJ


      Better now  : )

    2. Jake


      better than you prisonligmare

    3. Horseyy


      Gorilla Time.

  2. oh thank god, 33% felt so goddamn fast. Hopefully this'll make it more balanced between being able to move to OBJ's faster, without everyone also moving at the speed of light lmao. This is gonna be interesting to see in game, I'm definitely gonna get some 2016 flashbacks lmao. Can't throw my nades willy nilly know though sadge, hopefully I remember this is a thing before I accidentally kill 4 of my own teammates and get banned lul.
  3. Yeah HDR is always hell to work with, but makes maps look so much better lol. It looks really good with that skybox too though, hopefully you can figure out why it causes models to glow. One thing I am a little concerned about basing from the photos is the darkness in some areas, especially the caves. In my opinion large areas that are dark gives the defender so much of an advantage and makes sieging areas very difficult to do, it makes the PvP feel annoying. Might just be a me thing, but I remember it being a huge annoyance on Embassy on the map that was on before the one we're currently on. Just wanted to throw this out here so it's known lol.
  4. how the fuck did you pose them so well lol. Last pic especially looks really good
  5. Not sure, I think @Fetn said it worked fine for him. Not sure what's causing it to bug out for me
  6. It almost brings a tear to my eye :' ) edit: Nothing appears in the list for some reason, anyone know of a fix?
  7. Ooooh boy this is gonna be fun to mess around with once it's all implemented
  8. Yeah unfortunately there's always going to be those people who always single out something they don't like it and make a big deal out of it. Overall very exciting update, can't wait to see how this new war type plays. Also can't wait to see how well the optimizations will be for FPS, as I think that's something a lot of people currently struggle with right now on the server. Also being able to toggle donation weapons? Holy shit I've been wanting this for literal years lmao. These current & upcoming qol changes + gameplay additions have got me very hyped ngl. Thanks for the hard work Garnut.
  9. Damn looks amazing so far, really liking the colors fall aesthetic. The contrast from the trees and the ground with the leaf textures looks nice. Can’t wait to see how the gameplay will change with more trees for cover and whatnot, gonna be nice change of pace I bet.
  10. You are a dick.

    You have no idea of the things I contend with playing GG TTT,  yet claim I have a "victim complex"?


  11. Tali recruiter, train me!

    1. ajbedhead


      Train me to pls

  12. Not mentally prepared for this coming winter fml lol. Hate snow with an ungodly passion

  13. If you are having issues with a lot of dead space/"no mans land" type areas, why not just remove the dead space? I've been told you're struggling with adding new things to fill the space, but instead of having to fill up that space with superficial buildings and whatnot just remove it all together. It might take some fucking around with displacements and whatnot as well as moving some things around so the map still flows fluidly, but I don't feel like anyone is going to be able to come up with suitable things to fill that void up. It makes more sense to me to just remove the space and make the map more compact (which with this map is a good thing).
  14. Can't wait to make myself look like Nikocado Avocado!
  15. the roll command is still in global chat, not local sadly rip good update tho
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