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  1. your still around? how ya doing you old bastard, its chillie six 

    1. PrisonNightmare


      Eyyy what up homie how you doing.


      Still kicking on here, mostly a forum main now but still hop on MRP every once in a while.

    2. Phantom
  2. Birthday was today and got some b-day money, anyone got any good game recommendations/games I should check out?

    1. Jared Cox

      Jared Cox

      If you do own a Nintendo Switch I would highly recommend getting Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. Just recently completely the main story and the new epilogue story. It’s becoming one of my favorites, if not, my favorite video game of all time.

    2. Aparh


      Here me out....... animal crossing, it’s actually pretty fun 

  3. anyone else just bored all the time

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    2. Captainswag
    3. Homast


      All the time.
      Every single waking moment.

      Life is numb, I find no excitement from anything anymore.

      That';s a joke. I have literally 2 things that I have that I don't get too bored of rn.
      MRP, and DnD

    4. yokedPREDATOR
  4. "reserves wouldn't be the best for the server as of now". Guess the opinion of the community doesn't matter, feelsbadman.

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    2. Captainswag


      Here are what I think are the best ideas

    3. Ozzy


      Conways suggestion received the most positive feedback and seems to be the fairest application of reserves.

    4. Draco_


      Yes but who cares about the community

  5. tomorrow is my 4 year anniversary being in this community, gonna have to get a cake or something lmao

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    2. Jared Cox

      Jared Cox

      cs_desert gang

    3. Aparh


      That's crazy you've been here for four years. Congrats my guy.

    4. Romulus


      Nah you'll prolly just get a pat on the back and a spot on the army readiness roster

  6. just found out my map is going to be added to one of the top skill surf servers in the community and i can now die peacefully knowing i made it big :' )

    1. broken


      congrats broski 

    2. LalaDeviluke


      yo thats actually cool af. congrats bromine 


  7. 😞

    1. Ozzy


      Where’s our map? 🤬

    2. PrisonNightmare


      gonna need another few days, bugs started to appear in final compile so i need to do a lot of shit manually over again



  8. kung fu movies is the best dreamworks movies

    1. PrisonNightmare


      kung fu panda*

    2. Im Dream

      Im Dream

      yea you forgot shrek, go sleep now

    3. PrisonNightmare
  9. This post makes literally no sense. You are essentially generalizing the reserve system because of some bad cases, and are now punishing the whole system while not even giving it a chance to be revised or reworked. It is literally your job to handle and punish the people who abuse the system, I don't see why you're just removing it completely instead of doing what you have been doing previously and just continue removing the abusers or reworking the system so those cases are less likely to occur. See this: You guys keep saying that it has been the source of a lot of problems, but when you say that without giving me any sort of elaboration on it, it just makes me confused . You guys just went straight to jumping the gun and removing the reserves system before even trying to revise the reserves (Apart from the updated reserves guidelines, which had multiple problems in of itself). How did the new reserves guidelines not work when it came to limiting reserve powers/abuse? Could you not have tried even a little harder to revise it further? Sorry if I seem toxic, but I just feel like I've been getting a lot of bullshit answers from both you and Garnet.
  10. How though? The management team literally just restricted reserves to essentially an E-4 rank that can do debrief/sims if they get explicit permission from the highest possible officer within that faction. The rules also state one must wait two full weeks plus the normal cooldown of the rank they plan on coming back on in order to get off reserves. I imagine within that time frame the person that was on reserves can reconnect with the community and the faction leader can use their discretion to see if said reserves player is still capable of handling the officer position. If said reserves players are immediately coming back and expecting they can resume normal officer duties/responsibilities then they are breaking server rules, and they should have their reserves taken away. I really do not see how that could be in anyway unfair to new players, nor I doubt they would even care. I also don't see how they skipped any forms of progession, they already Now I agree if a player is still within an active faction and has reserves on other factions, they should have their reserves taken away/removed on said faction. I don't think the complete removal is called for though. I think the current system needs to be revised. I don't believe it is a pointless feature, plenty of people used the system the way it was written without any issues. There are probably some issues with the current way we do reserves, but I really think it should be looked into getting the system revised rather than just completely removing it. This is how I'd rework the current reserves system: Do not allow anyone that is in an active faction to have reserves on any other faction. Only allow people who have consistently dedicated their time to one faction the ability to have reserves on said faction. Allow them to play with the reserves rank, but if they choose to return active within the community again then the reserves will be removed. Essentially the person would only be able to retain one reserves spot in one faction, and can not have reserves in multiple factions. Probably explained this like shit but its 6:30 AM I need sleep lol, hopefully I got my point across. I already went over how I don't see the current reserves system is hurting the progression for players with how the current system is. With the current restrictions and time it takes to get off reserves it shouldn't hurt the community at all, can you explain how you see the current system hurting the progression of players even with the current restrictions that were supposed to be put in place? I know you said that people are apparently coming back and acting like they have any authority over newer players, but that shouldn't be happening. I probably repeated a lot of stuff in this, and if I did I apologize. I just don't think this is how the reserves system should be, people who used the system properly shouldn't be punished because others abused the system. Especially when there are already other restrictions and rules that come with being on reserves that should be stopping the abuse from happening in the first place.
  11. I play consistently on Army and 2GA every time on the server when I am on, which are the only two factions I play on and are apart of. The reason why I don't get taken off reserves on either of them is because I cannot hold a consistent enough schedule to the server due to real life issues that require me to take weeks if not months off the server completely. It makes no sense to me that you are removing the reserve system completely just because there are issues with faction hopping (Which I rarely ever see) instead of finding a viable "work around" solution to that issue. No idea why the management team jumped the gun to completely removing the system when there are people like me who use it fairly and with its original intent. What I'm trying to say is that just because people disagree with the decision to completely remove reserves doesn't make them a faction hopper or make them inactive either. Of course there may be some people who do that, but there are also just as many people who use the reserve system properly. I'm sad I can no longer play the server and help out the factions I've spent months if not literal years playing on without having to be reset back to PVT every time I have to take breaks from the community. But please don't automatically assume most of those people on that list are faction hoppers who haven't worked hard contributing to the faction and to the community.
  12. Welp, knew it was coming and I'm still sad to see this change occur. I still don't understand why they were removed. I almost never heard or saw them abused apart from the people who used them while they were already in an active faction. Very rarely did I see or hear anything about someone coming back with reserves and having superiority complex/using it to abuse with ill intent. All this really is fucking over people like me who still want to play the server when they can but do not have a consistent schedule and have to take weeks if not months off the server. Kinda late to complain though, I just don't understand why you'd implement new reserve guidelines and then just end up removing them anyways. Oh well.
  13. The community really has grown significantly in such a short period of time, I'm glad to see everything is working out so far. Keep up the great work Garnet, I'm happy to have been apart of this community for so long.
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