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  1. I have quite a decent amount of hammer experience if you're ever in need of someone to do edits on maps in the future and can't afford the time to do it yourself. Not sure if you're comfortable handing out vmfs though which is understandable. Just putting the offer out there if interested Some maps I made I guess for my portfolio lul (all surf related obviously but yeah)
  2. You sure seem to hold strong opinions against what I say - can you back it up?

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    2. Bortnik_


      Btw @Gildarts it’s Ron 

    3. Clicher


      So this is why I came back to 25 forum notifications

    4. Jerry-Hat-Trick


      Again, not my fault, nor intention...


  3. You can disagree with me all you want, but truth be told - " PrisonNightmare" likely has no idea of what "prison" is like.

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    2. acer


      Straight facts

    3. Bortnik_
    4. Horseyyy


      Trust me you don’t want prison in your cellblock or shower room

  4. unknown.png


    1. PrisonNightmare


      why would i be scared of a rust player when they all look like this


    2. Soldier


      Let's be real, literally anyone who plays GG servers consistently look like that.

    3. PrisonNightmare


      tbh u right PepeHands

  5. nerd

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    2. PrisonNightmare


      just lootrun omegalul

    3. The King of Rohan

      The King of Rohan

      Just stalk him via forums ts discord and the game like I did wit fetn @PrisonNightmare

    4. Fetn


      Wheres the fucking money lebowski

  6. When my HDD failed to startup/be detected in BIOS I got this "SATA III to USB 3.0" adapter so my PC could read it like a USB flashdrive lol. Could be worth a shot to see if you can get any of your files off of the drive. Worked wonders for me when my HDD corrupted, thought i lost all of my vmf files but I was able to transfer them off using the adapter luckily.
  7. IGN: 11B SGT PrisonNightmare Reason: I have plenty of experience when it comes to level design within the source engine, so I think I could give some valuable input when it comes to the more technical aspects of the map and gameplay. I've also played on most if not all of the previous maps that have been on the server, so I know what problems to look for that have been on the previous maps as well. Albeit I haven't been on the server in a minute, I still would love to help playtest this since I am heavily addicted to mapping in source lol so I think I could learn a lot from this as
  8. life just got a hell of a lot busier recently 😕

  9. wow i can't believe the class was actually nerfed, considering how many people seemed to defend it whenever someone complained about it being OP in OOC lmao. Not complaining though, I always thought those classes needed some nerfs badly. Glad to see it actually was. Also entry can use squadron system now?
  10. working on new surf map pog 


    gonna be my best one so far


    This hammer extension was just released yesterday not sure if you've seen it yet, but it has so so fucking many qol improvements/new features added to hammer its insane lol. not sure if youre still working on anything hammer related atm but just thought id show to you since its so god damn cool and it might help you with mapping n shit

    1. Jake


      breaking bad music makes this epic regardless of content

      also, hich prison

  12. driving through the middle of Florida is like going through redneck central lmao

  13. Definitely going to check it out! Used to play on the old server and was always a ton of fun, wonder if @Dillan knows about the new release already yet or not lol.
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