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  1. well having been around longer then reserves have i always believed they helped more than they hindered, however how do you know for a fact that they will have a positive impact? i'm only here to give my opinion like most of the other people here but as i stated before my reserves where a formality everyone knows that i am not coming back well i earned Multiple general slots but that doesn't count does it , to reiterate i resigned permanently from the server on 2/20/2020
  2. my personal reserves where a formality i made it vary clear to everyone that this would be the last time i was coming back i started typing my first response before the post was out also i guess the all time myself and multiple others came off reserves to save army from dying never happened most resent was only 2-3 months ago i'm not saying he is going over his reach i'm saying that this will have a negative impact on the player base
  3. because staff taking control of factions has always ended well
  4. Admin abuse is defined as the instance in which a person with administrative powers uses them in such a way that has negative consequences on the game that is being played and the players that are playing the game. personally i think that 1. implementing a change that's only purpose is to essentially say "hey ya know all that work you put into your faction/server then went on reserves because you can't play as much any more or you put too many hours into a game and need a break well that's too bad keep playing or louse your rank and have to start all over again" 2. for people who are known to come off reserves and help save a faction from dying that is now almost impossible because they would have to wait the month+ to get up to 2LT and make any real difference by that time its bit too late and the faction will likely be dead. 3. when the majority of the player base (that i have talked to) strongly disagree with this change but instead of listening to your players you strong arm this joke of a rule into effect and post the notice at 3am to avoid the community backlash i would define this as a prime example of admin abuse.
  5. even tho i'm leaving MRP on the 20th i'm still glad to see you supporting the community
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