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  1. I really got a +1 from uncle burger tho

    1. hysteria


      on what


    2. Uncle Burger

      Uncle Burger

      I've finally been caught, GG

  2. Hey I'm turning 16 in 11 days. So I won't be 15 forever.

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    2. Gythem


      @AparhYeah it's like that in a lot of states, in California though our DMV is stupid and doesn't realize one year of driving is probably better than 6 months.

    3. special


      haha little man

    4. Aparh


      @GythemRip. Yeah I just turned 15 a couple weeks ago so gonna do what i gotta do pretty soon to get my permit.

  3. I wouldn't really think of it as snipers being nerfed. I think it's more of a conversion to a playstyle that better fits their role. Adjustments to go accordingly. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  4. Prone with the new sniper changes, fucking perfect combo. Hopefully Prone and Bipod work well together Weapons are actually going to be unique to their class Snipers to be used as they should be And with mobility decreases and such, hopefully we can see mid range engagements as opposed to just short-long as has been the case for so long now. Overall, this is fucking huge. Thank you Garnet, Jake, Pencil, Miller, and Soap for this.
  5. The only real British person on earth.

    1. Bortnik_


      And Gordon Ramsey 

    2. PrisonNightmare


      wow i just thought he was a figment of my imagination

  6. The AEK is a CQC god tier AR weapon. It can shred at both close to mid range (AEK is the only AR imo that is actually effective mid range). So my suggestion here would be to lower the rate of fire on the AEK so that it can no longer absolutely dominate in CQC, but can be very effective at the range which AR's should be used anyways (mid range engagements). For the damage the AEK can dish out, it being as effective as it is in CQC is just not healthy. I'd say the other AR's should actually be more in line with the AEK so that it isn't the reigning king of AR's anymore, and they're all enjo
  7. At least one of them in RU base is still moveable. I think the shipment cap point might be a bit too large (it extends out to the parking lot outside) so essentially you can camp the RU giant wall entrance thing while still holding cap, you don't even need to be inside to cap basically. The ropes for the Shipment obstacle course don't show up for some players (not sure if this is a workshop issue or if it's everyone that can't see them) making tryouts that utilize that obstacle course harder than it should be.
  8. The arguments against this new policy seem really self-serving, as most arguments are when it comes to MRP players hating a staff made decision these days. It's a lot of "I didn't do X so my reserves for X shouldn't be taken!" or my personal favorite "If someone led a fact-" fucking okay man. A lot of people lead factions. And they are passed around from leader to the next like corona man. Do you want to keep playing the faction you are in? Okay, then keep playing it. I myself had reserves in GRU, PDSS, and GB. I only played the server for like 6 or so months. That doesn't even count the
  9. Im out here waiting for Topshot2

    1. Tora1


      Man y’all niggas cringe af stfu lol

    2. shrimp


      bro how dare you guys ban topshit he was so cool and such a good member of the community 5Head

    3. Topshot1


      go ahead and be more power hungry.

  10. Forgive me if this sounds retarded, I know Idea's have been thrown around (Maybe not by you, but others) that playing the new SWRP as an MRP main would result in a cap on your rank for SWRP for example, and as you said for this new DRP server, the staff are not to Alternate between the servers. Im hoping I didn't misread that, but would that apply to users as well? For example, I've donated for VIP on the current DRP server, but haven't played in months. Would I be allowed to play this new version of DRP? Again, If you basically answered my question and I didn't read the thread right then
  11. Would the $10 minimum apply to other servers as well? Or just the new DRP server? Is there significant difference between this new server and the current DRP we have? Such as a different map and Jobs?
  12. This is a long one, but its basically Vega and all of GRU arguing, a few good memories in this clip.
  13. When I first joined the community in MRP I had no idea what I was getting myself into. From a 2GA that was trying to be nice to anyone, all the way to where I am now. GG servers really are something else. I don't imagine that any other community is quite like this one. Servers can boast a high player count all they want, but in GG (at least MRP) I can say that it's a pretty tight community. Even with drama or personal beef, the servers you created Garnet are something i've never experienced before. Its great to see that the new changes you've made and additions of servers have doubled our comm
  14. Can tell a lot of effort went into this video from the Rangers and others. Good job to everyone involved, feels like a new game is aboutta come out.
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