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  1. This is a long one, but its basically Vega and all of GRU arguing, a few good memories in this clip.
  2. When I first joined the community in MRP I had no idea what I was getting myself into. From a 2GA that was trying to be nice to anyone, all the way to where I am now. GG servers really are something else. I don't imagine that any other community is quite like this one. Servers can boast a high player count all they want, but in GG (at least MRP) I can say that it's a pretty tight community. Even with drama or personal beef, the servers you created Garnet are something i've never experienced before. Its great to see that the new changes you've made and additions of servers have doubled our community's size.
  3. Whatever you end up having to do, I hope it doesn't involve a lawsuit in any way. That's even more financial burden and headache inducing. Overall though, if they can get in contact with someone on facepunch's side of things for either clarification or a fix, that'd be great. In my mind the whole situation reminds me of the TF2 Unusual unboxing glitch. Probably a fucking intern spilling coffee on a keyboard.
  4. 1. Like Zach and Garnet said, DDoS protection is apparently against the rules which is super dumb. 2. It'll be hard for said servers to grow with new players until the situation is resolved, but overall the community thats already in the servers should keep them running. 3. TBD 4. Don't panic.
  5. This is an unfortunate situation for sure. I agree with shrimps though that as a community we shouldn't be rushing into a panic. Buckle down, weather the storm for now. Like shrimps said, it'll make it harder to get new players into the server until it's dealt with, but there are still people on the server, we can still play and wait things out. The server isn't DOWN. It's just not showing up in the server browse menu along with several other servers.
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