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  1. please unblacklist me, i want to join sso 😪.

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      permanently banned gang messed up my status. 

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  2. +1. First two seconds of the clip and the last fight shows him flicking right on to the target on the stairs. Literally the first two seconds of the clip are enough for me to be confident. Originally aiming at the door and then flicking back and forth while shooting the person at the door AND the person on the stairs.
  3. +1. First of all, I think it's a known rule for staff members to demonstrate the maturity and competency of staff across ALL GG platforms. Whether that's DRP, MRP, TS, or TTT. If the information Enigma provided is 100% true, which going off of the evidence and Spilq2's "defense" ( if you wanna call it that ) it looks like Enigma IS being honest. I can see why he reported it on the forums. Although he's able to punish him on TTT, Spilq2's immature behavior needed to be brought to light. If a T-Admin can't uphold the values of the DRP Staff Team off the server, then it's safe to say there is an immaturity issue that should be addressed. Obviously it's up to the discretion of DRP Managers/Upper Staff, but I 100% support some sort of punishment against Spilq2. His behavior on the forums is enough reason alone for me to support an immaturity related punishment. https://imgur.com/a/cg7NIz9 This alone leads me to believe you're lying. Enigma has provided two screenshots, both of which show you say something in the admin chat about a report. The response is from not just one, but TWO staff members saying your report is resolved. If this is all you can say for your behavior, then it goes to show that what Enigma is saying and providing, is true. If a TTT staff member says you were slain for rdming 5-8 times, then I would love to hear your reasons for each and every kill. As a DRP T-Admin, i'm sure you're aware of and have dealt with players who refuse to accept a punishment/the truth. What i'm reading from this report, is you demonstrated the exact same behavior that's deemed as NITRP. Talking in admin chat about an already resolved issue/issued punishment is NOT the way to resolve anything. I will say it again, as a T-Admin you should already know this as fact. Also, rdming someone because they aren't listening to your side is not a valid reason to kill someone! You should know these things already! EDIT: I've seen you cringe react anyone who has ever disagreed with you on the forums. That's incredibly immature for a staff member. Please come off with some sort of defense or response instead of cringe reacting! At the least, just use the disagree function Garnet added for that reason!
  4. Hope it gets fixed and resolved, i'm having trouble even figuring out how you would go about contacting Facepunch... For now, people can still access the server on their legacy browser, its right smack dab in the recent servers list. Sorry this happened at the start of 2020 man.
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