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  1. congrats on form modds!

    1. jaylen


      grats loser face ❤️

  2. Bad staff he warned me for rdm when it’s clear self defense 

    1. DepressedBird


      Sorry boi not staff anymore XD

  3. Good morning 🌞 

  4. Great update, I hope the server will not crash as much anymore.
  5. Can we get this in MRP this can be a easy way to level up lol
  6. I am very excited for the map! I see a lot of trees missing did you remove those because it kinda looked plain especially in front of the bases
  7. This may be a stretch but why dont you use your own machine. Get a dedicated server and use voxility anti-ddos. Or OVH as I know they have pretty decent ddos prot. Or use no DDos prot. This is just an suggestion btw.
  8. I am still in on the server so is 29 people, im confused
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