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  1. your paragraph is kinda short but the amount of time you've dedicated to the server on darkrp aswell as ttt and all of the good experiences ive had with you, im leaving a +1 regardless. good luck!
  2. if you slow the video down to 0.25 the flick is way too fast to be legit
  3. I am sincerely sorry for my actions in the admin chat while I was on the TTT server. it is sometimes hard to see if a report had been resolved or even taken from a different server while there is a lot going on. I was being pretty immature in the admin chat and it shouldn't had been that way in the first place. Because the TTT server is new its hard to understand when reports are taken and whether they get resolved ir not. I did not see many replies back from anyone taking the reports thus led me to ask for someone to take my report. again, I am sorry and I hope you can forgive me for my behaviour on the TTT server.
  4. I didn't rdm u wasn't listening to my side, this is another reason I was talking in @
  5. that's not spam if im asking for u to take my report. I didn't see any of my reports done and none of you said anything about my reports just that I shouldn't speak in @.
  6. Is level being reset? Our hours on the server gonna stay the same?
  7. This only resets money? Even if it’s in ur bank?what about unbox and stuff?
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