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  1. Ozzy is currently the only staff member capable of ever being manager. If you are looking for someone, I would suggest him. I'm sure under his guidance, MRP will do well. Additionally, we communicate well and get along, so any big issues that need to be addressed would easily flow between the three of us (Ozzy, Me, Garnet).
  2. he is pink.

    1. Phantom



    2. eli_


      ugly pink gang 😞 

  3. Okay, hear me out. Y'all want movement speed increase AND more RP depth? Add a drug cartel faction to MRP and give RU and US access to its supply of cocaine (the same thing from DRP) to get a wacky speed boost during war. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ThetaKek
    3. Not Naitsir

      Not Naitsir

      crack is cool


    4. Garnet


      I remember when I was heavily considering weed to incentivize people to play Afg

  4. Anyway, since I'm back, which factions need leadership? 👀

  5. Alright I'm back guys, looks like I couldn't stay away for too long! I just couldn't leave, I love this community and everybody in it.

  6. Cya guys, I love the community and the players in it. It just isn't what it used to be. Maybe if a few people convinced me to stay I would, but I don't know, for now I'm gonna peace out. Love you all!

    1. Captainswag


      Damn man, sorry to see ya go keep in touch.

    2. Blade
    3. LalaDeviluke


      Dang i'ma miss you it was a fun time while you were you there as SA and leader of MARSOC 

    1. Phantom


      Yea, you got reported on the forums and I enforced the forum rules.

  7. Papa Phantom, How do I write messages on my own profile?
    I don't got the option to.

    1. Phantom


      I don't know, ask your mom.

    2. Homast


      Ok papa.
      Will do.

  8. Y'all are 4Weird

  9. This is me writing a public message on phantoms feed

    1. Silo


      my nuts itch

  10. This is me writing a public message on phantoms feed

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