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  1. General Rules Be respectful to all community members. Punishment: Demotion/removal of rank. Serve as a role model for other players. Punishment: Demotion/removal of rank. You must have a sit before warning a player. Extended: This does not apply to false advert, disrespect/racism in OOC, or bhopping . You may not handle your own sits UNLESS deemed necessary, and there's not a sufficient number of staff members online. NEVER harass other players. Punishment: Demotion/removal of rank. NEVER question the final verdict of a higher up. Punishment: Demotion/removal of rank. NEVER request a promotion. Punishment: Demotion/removal of rank. NEVER own rules or alter the server rules in any way. Punishment: Demotion/removal of rank. NEVER physgun doors or props. Punishment: Verbal warning, if it continues; Demotion/removal of rank. NEVER abuse commands. Punishment: Removal of rank. You may only use administrative commands in a /sit room if you are off duty and if deemed not an emergency Extended: This does not apply to false advert or disrespect/racism in ooc ... The only time you should use administrative commands off duty is for Mass RDM or other extreme emergencies. Do not be biased towards other players. Extended: If you don't like someone and they get reported, you are expected to handle the sit as if they were two people you haven't met. Handle a sit based on evidence, not on character. Punishment: Demotion/removal of rank. Do not teleport to higher-ups without their permission. Extended: You may teleport higher ups if they are reported/place a report. Punishment: Verbal warning. Do not set yours or anyone’s job to something they aren’t whitelisted for (unless for tryouts). Punishment: Demotion/removal of rank. Do not whitelist anyone for a job that they didn’t try out for. Punishment: Demotion/removal of rank. Do not warn someone twice for the same reason in a single sit. Extended: If they break a rule in a sit (leaving a sit/ rdm in a sit) you may warn them in the sit, and warn them again for the punishment they were reported for. Punishment: Verbal warning, if excessive, demotion/removal of rank. Do not ask people to look at your application unless they asked first. Extended: This will lead to your application being denied. Do not use autoclicker/3rd party software Extended: Claiming a sit instantaneously using an auto-clicker is strictly forbidden Punishment: Initially, a warning, further offenses will result in a demotion. Punishment Guidelines Micspam Punishment: Voice Mute + 5 minutes jail Disrespect in OOC Punishment: Chat Mute + 5 minutes jail RDM Punishment: Warn + 5-minute jail Harassment Punishment: Warn + 10-minute jail Self Promotion Punishment: 2-day ban if self-promotion is not fixed after being told to by staff. RDM and LTAP Punishment: 1-hour ban RDMx2 and LTAP Punishment: 2-hour ban Impersonation Punishment: 1-week ban if continuing to impersonate after being told not to by staff. MassRDM Punishment: 1 day for an accidental Mass that can be reasonably justified as an accident. 2 week for intentional mass or repeated accidental(s). Accumulating Bans (3+) (Up to staff discretion) Punishment: Permanent ban DDOS Threats Punishment: Permanent ban Hacking/Cheating Punishment: Permanent ban Advertising a Non-GG Server/Community, verbally or written: Punishment: Permanent ban FailRP Actions that are not in the rules and are reasonably not within a Semi-Roleplay context. Up to staff discretion. Examples: Disobeying a higher up's orders. False Advertisement Examples: Adverts that holds no relevance or RP value
  2. UPDATED 4/6/2019 Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to read and abide by our server rules. Failure to do so may result in a punishment. It is also assumed that the player is able to exercise a reasonable amount of common sense. It is forbidden to loophole these rules. You will still be punished accordingly. Additionally, these rules are up to interpretation by staff and are subject to change. GENERAL RULES RULES OF ENGAGEMENT MISCELLANEOUS RULES CHAT RULES FACTION RULES AND INFORMATION
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