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  1. planing on sticking around forumsĀ this place funny as hellĀ 

    1. Captainswag


      Welcome to the forums gang my friend!

  2. PD seems useless now i would even go so far as to say unplayable. people raid the pd no matter what type of laws you have as someone who plays pd a lot i can say people will raid pd no matter the laws you have the only place to really hide now is in the mayors office with is separated by 4 doors witch isn't that many the other problem is the vent in the back of the pd as you know you can clime up it and go into the mayors office completely bypassing any doors, the only other viable place to hide as mayor is in the storage room witch still isn't good all it takes is cou
  3. just chilling and having fun with drp

  4. Oh thanks for telling me (i was going to make a suggestion about it so thanks for saving my time)
  5. idk were to put this but the hats and accessories dont show up on the shark/pets pm just to let you know thanks for the update !
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