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  1. Who’s in?? need 4 more people
  2. Happy New Years and hopefully many more to come
  3. Nice LMGS- right now are under powered should received buff in damage all ARs and SMGs can outgunned them by like 5x 30% Damage buff or Example M60 Damage 35 +30% = 45 roughly Shotguns ranges to be nerfed slugs and flechette rounds are fine for the Normal rounds you can do ridiculous ranges on it just really need to nerf the normal rounds range Marksman rifles are underused right now do to its firerate recommendation increase the firerate of it up to 40% or 30% if all marksman Rifle SMG/ARS Should get aimspread
  4. Dexx

    Where u at

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    2. Tora1


      Hit me up hitting caledon today 

    3. Krim1


      tell me why i would want to be in the same city as you

    4. Dexx


      Come to Richmond hill fam

  5. Yooo Where you at

  6. Lol what i'm saying... Chaharikar is go Good update and thank you Also 3 objectives are back in use fellas
  7. Taiga, a lot of players from players base ( atleast the vets and old players) missed Taiga
  8. You are so fixated on this thing of me hating staff, and you haven't spoken to me of recently I guess you have your own opinion on me. Anyways, you missed the part when I said reserves just need to be rework. If the player devotes time and energy to the server leaves because he gets burnt out, then a couple of months decides to come back onto the server in the same faction he has to restart? His progression will already be lost, and he may just choose to disband the server completely. Reserves are for respectable players that dedicated time and energy for the faction that left for a reason, an
  9. You're telling me if a leader spends 1 year devoted to the faction, he leaves the server for a short amount of time and he comes back and shouldn't get reserves back? Sorry I disagree with this. I see the perspective of why you are removing it but I also think there could be a better way to rework reserves as a whole. Such as leaving to H.Admin+ discretion whether or not you keep the reserves, or the leader get to keep their reserves anyone lower between O-5 to O-1, leaders have to get permission by an executive to grant the reserves
  10. I really Thought GRU Models were getting fixed
  11. I like the scoreboard.... If you can click on players info on it also will be great as well. I.E (Staff status, User playtime and steam id)
  12. So what happens to players that bought in-game money? Like me I bought 500k.
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