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  1. Those are those purposes but instead of the rule being enforced, they went straight to let’s remove them. If it’s a genuine problem staff can’t handle then yea by all means remove them. So far it’s under control now with no bugs. I’ll be on all day to make sure of it as well.
  2. I’ll start to enforce FRP warns for obvious misuse.
  3. I urge you not to make suggestions like these on MRP. I want you to play the game more and achieve a higher rank and gain an understanding of the game. And think of something that benefits all players. Not just yourself. 

    Brand new ball field that even our 100 hour players still have trouble with. Big learning curve.

  4. cringe comp : ) 

  5. Swags Birthday?

    Happy Bday man. Hopefully it treats you well!

    1. Captainswag


      Only thing that’ll make it “good” is if I’m cleared to play an Arma mission between 4:30 and 7 PM EST.

      I’d also prefer skipping the whole celebration.

  6. Quick question, how do you obtain nerve gas? Through classes or, skill tree, or donation. Anything of the sorts.
  7. Thank you Garnet for the amazing update! Hope to see more.
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