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  1. edit it and post it


    do it


    you know what im talking about

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    2. StillWohMi


      let me see the video and ILL tell you the parts we dont need

    3. Zachman


      id have to upload it to YT first, ill do it tomorrow 

    4. The King of Rohan

      The King of Rohan

      @Zachmanhe could always use the bullshit excuse of "That happened months ago"

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Let's see if I still got it with unscrambling, then. I will out-type them.
  3. omw to become richest so i can drive around like a baller
  4. Thank goodness, now I don't feel compelled to give new players money. I'm worried that this may give minges quicker access to more powerful weapons, but I guess that just means they'll be banned faster. Good work!
  5. hey can you spell "tank"

    1. TankWithoutTheH


      nah i'm good


    2. StillWohMi


      are you cumguy9? no

  6. Cool! Thanks for keeping us safe, Big-Shiny-Red-Rock-Man.
  7. apparently you got forum banned

  8. i have never played mil rp in my life but garnet got me HYPED!
  9. If you dont stop heart-reacting all my posts on Garnet Forums this is gonna be usspacer.png

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    2. Shin_Tsukimi


      This is perfect for the fact my cover photo and profile photo are now drunk cats. I need to forget this cursed shit

    3. StillWohMi


      @The King of Rohan shit man i dunno Shin prolly has some big ol titties

  10. How's the progress on /arena coming along?
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