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  1. Floridas Education system is failing  miserably with adapting to online schooling and FTF

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    2. Aparh


      Right i should of said the American education system

    3. Garnet


      The american schooling system has been falling behind for 2-3 decades now mate

    4. Bortnik_


      Exactly, I’d say about 55% of what you learn in school (up to senior year of high school, you can actually learn from college) will not help in adulthood for the 21st century

  2. First Day of Highschool is today wish me luck

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    2. brooklyn


      tbh, im glad i graduated this past year, even with the few months of online schooling toward the end i was NOT able to pay attention, i couldnt imagine doing it for an entire year. Good luck with high school. youll miss it after!

    3. special


      Good luck at school sweety!

    4. Aparh
  3. If it wasn’t for the pills i wouldn’t be here but if i keep taking these pills i wont be here

  4. Nothing was the same deluxe hitting rn 

  5. Are you still alive?


    1. cbozee


      😞 miss thatguy


    2. Aparh



  6. Wassup homies

  7. I bought a ipad pro and it’s literally the best $1300 i’ve ever spent

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    2. Aparh


      @0zzy im using it to draw and practice animation ( procreate) along with school and tv etc. its 11 inch 1tb 2018 gen. Sadly 1tb was the only one im stock (i think its a bit overkill but nice). I also got the new airpods/ipen which it all came to 1800

    3. Aparh


      For now animation is just a hobby im looking to get better at but if i get good enough then proceed from there

    4. 0zzy


      Nice man, good luck with it all.

  8. ever just spent a bunch of time on forums 

    1. Shin_Tsukimi
    2. Captainswag


      Haha.. yes I do, all day everyday.. I really gotta get a life

    3. PrisonNightmare


      I usually just afk on the front page and talk in chatbox when I feel like it lol

  9. Once you start working for your own money the concept of money starts to develop.

    There's no worse feeling then spending your own money 😞

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    2. Tayler


      Spending is great, just don't waste it. Be smart and don't buy shit you know isn't worth it. But like ozzy said, there's nothing better than feeling like you can pay for yourself confidently.

    3. Captainswag


      Oh.. yeah.. I feel that...

      I went into debt to my bank after buying some other folks a few too many things. I say you should save money and all ya know, just, do as I say, not as I do

    4. Aparh


      Ozzy that part feels good, being independent and not having to depend on anyone else to buy your items. However, working hard for money makes spending it a little more controlled. 

  10. wish i could play video games right about now 😞 

  11. Too much to type in the shout box so i'll say my opinions here.

    There's too much pointing fingers in the community. Garnet relies to heavily on managers and managers rely to heavily on the community.  I understand that's a managers job but still. Instead of trying to figure out who is at fault i feel a step needs to be taken my management and garnet in a different direction to switch things up whether the community like its or not. The way things are going it won't last. Also Garnet what you're saying but certain people are just not fit to be staff so calling them nostalgia sluts is kind of offensive . 

    1. Aparh


      lots of typos sorry 😕 

    2. Kendal


      Because nobody in particular is at fault. Everyone is somewhat at fault for the current state of the server. Faction leaders, Staff, Management (myself included) are all partial to blame for the current state of the server and letting it get to this point. I've pointed it out before, there are not a lot of people that want to be staff right now. So getting rid of staff RIGHT NOW isn't a great idea. I even had that problem when I was manager. I was trying to get rid of the problematic staff members, however in doing so I was cutting myself very thin help wise. 

      The thing that pushes staff members into friend groups is the fact that they get shit on for voicing their opinions, or taking actions in the right way against the wrong group of people. Therefore you have staff members that feel isolated from the community for just trying to do their job, And under that kind of pressure, who in the world would want to A.) be staff, and B.) Voice their opinion against the hivemind? Pinning staff to be the problem means that players need to be held accountable for the way they treat staff.

  12. Can we just reset mrp community and map and everything about 1.5 years backwards 🙂

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    2. Garnet


      It's almost as if people who wanted to make a change could join the staff team and influence the players 😮 but nobody's going to go that far, they'll just be nostalgia sluts.

    3. Aparh


      😕 can't tell if that was directed at me or not 

    4. Garnet


      It was directed in general at anybody who says they're upset by the state of MilitaryRP. I can update the server all day, but until the actual players have a change of attitude or somebody worthy steps up, things will just continue going down-hill man.

  13. I miss the community that GG was when I joined. Since I’ve been here the community has evolved and grown. Makes me sad to see so many familiar names leave. Guess I just don’t like change.

    ps:  @Dexx dont resign plz 

    1. Aparh


      I didn't realize how many people just resigned

    2. eXg-Buddha


      It just happens sometimes. I remember when I played back in 2018, people started mass resigning and I thought the server would die. All we need to do right now is put our collective ideas together and try to work on a solution. It isn't the end of MRP if we actively work on fixing it 😉


    3. Captainswag


      Well, most people miss how the community was when they joined. I miss the 2GA that I was a part of for a good few months when I was first starting out. I also miss the people that left the server and I haven't gotten to talk to in a long while.

      The big thing I think it is, is that when you join, you aren't aware of any drama, you just have a good time. I never thought id be a person that is always on forums when I was just holding company as a 2GA SNS. I never thought my vision of Garnet would expand past the little bubble of 2GA officers I was a part of, but time changes and so does the server, be it better or for worse.

  14. welp, this is my last few hours playing video games till august. I'll see everyone then ✌️. Cya around forums.

    1. Zachman


      😞 bye aparh cya around

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