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  1. Wow! Great moves Garnet! Keep it up! Proud of you!
  2. Praise be to Garnet coming to the present day. Jk
  3. Definitely add some graffiti in those tunnels, brings the world to life and and makes people feel engaged in the game. This is a thought that may be possible, have 2 of the poorer sides of town (further from pd) be painted/graffitied differently with different tags. Kinda promote a "turf" between gangs and a push towards rp'ing with gangs and the need to protect your turf. Never seen this on other servers, could be great if people take advantage of it. I like how the map is expanding! I think it would be interesting if there is a workshop item that adds in a map of the town, place i
  4. Nice, one thing I notice about signatures is that they are hard to discern from the actual content the person is posting. I suggest everyone keeps people's signature hidden otherwise you can mistake it for actual content.
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