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  1. I'd like to speak to the real manager of rust pls

    1. Lebron


      I will give you his @


    2. aidanpoppas123
    3. IAreGunner


      hi I’m gunner the rust manager how can I help you 💀

  2. "Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rules the waves! Britons never, never, never shall be slaves."

  3. dont step on snek

    1. Shin_Tsukimi


      Step on snek

  4. Congratulations big man! About time my guy!

    1. Zachman


      The question is how long will it take before his name is blue 👀

    2. 45tut8fru89gf


      Will he beat me and @Shin_Tsukimi's record of 16 days after the promotion? We will find out

    3. 45tut8fru89gf


      Well ill take that as a no

  5. I don’t know if I’m allowed to respond but seeing that you left this unlocked I’m assuming you’re allowing some community feedback. I’m a little confused with the section above. What does this mean exactly? Are “urban” individuals not to be punished the same as other people? Is there more leniency for them? Or should there just be more consideration for those individuals.
  6. Although I didn't know him, I'd like to share a quote that has touched me deeply when I was faced with personal loss. I hope that this quote reaches some of you who were particularly affected by the loss of Gamma and maybe knew him quite well. This is the same quote that Robert J. Kennedy spoke for the loss of Martin Luther King Jr. and the quote was originally spoken by the Greek philosopher Aeschylus, and he said: "Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, until, in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God." Although his death was tragic, I'd ask each one of you who knew him, to think of a moment where Gamma helped you, enlightened you, or generally made your day better. Cherish that moment, use it to remember and honor his memory. In this way, he will always be with you and a part of your journey. @Fetn @Aparh@Captainswag @eli_ @AlexConway @MurphPup @AwesomeAidan0221 @SpencerPog @D Δ TONEDE Δ DDUCK @BINLADINHOE @Bortnik_ @Kermat Tagging you guys because after reading you're stories with Gamma you seemed to be some of the people who knew him personally. I hope the words I shared touched even one of you guys / helped you get through this tough time. Feel free to reach out if you're having a tough go of things.
  7. Hopefully we can get into contact with his family. Would be more than willing to help ease the burden of the funeral cost. Rest In Peace Gamma. Although I never met you, I hope you find peace wherever you are.
  8. You beat @Phantom in terms of reputation. Have a crown king, you've earned it. 👑

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      Proggy has fallen behind Phantom now, This gonna become a fight to come out on top lmao

    3. 45tut8fru89gf
    4. Phantom
  9. Hamilton is a fucking joke you piece of shit ~ sincerely Jackson and the boys 

    1. Nightbot


      Jackson is a menace to the Supreme Court, stick to attacking Henry Clay you imbecile.

    2. Yamagata


      Federalist fuck, protect state's rights dickwad

  10. Wow! Great moves Garnet! Keep it up! Proud of you!
  11. Look it's my favorite super admin!

  12. Praise be to Garnet coming to the present day. Jk
  13. Definitely add some graffiti in those tunnels, brings the world to life and and makes people feel engaged in the game. This is a thought that may be possible, have 2 of the poorer sides of town (further from pd) be painted/graffitied differently with different tags. Kinda promote a "turf" between gangs and a push towards rp'ing with gangs and the need to protect your turf. Never seen this on other servers, could be great if people take advantage of it. I like how the map is expanding! I think it would be interesting if there is a workshop item that adds in a map of the town, place it near PD so people can find where their going. Looks great so far, I believe the map is going in the right direction!
  14. Dear Devilluke, your account will be terminated from this point on. Anime is not welcomed on this christian website and miss me with that gay shit

    1. YeetMeister



    2. LalaDeviluke


      なんで!!!!おまえ わ もう 死んでいる!!!!5c1.jpg

    3. Kazdra | Beast

      Kazdra | Beast


      Dear Yama, get you're religious ass out of this non-christian server.  Infidelism ftw.

  15. Nice, one thing I notice about signatures is that they are hard to discern from the actual content the person is posting. I suggest everyone keeps people's signature hidden otherwise you can mistake it for actual content.
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