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  1. 2GA PVT Regret A veteran from a while back and have played recently, but I've been fairly hesitant because of some stuff going on. Pretty interested in the new map and what the server as a whole could become in the future.
  2. I think I'm the only one so far. Might be others, maybe. I hope not all of MRP players swap over to SWRP though.
  3. This looks fantastic. Personally, SWRP is one of my favorite gamemodes. I think It might become by new main.
  4. Fantastic Update! Can't wait to see flashbangs, new jumping stamina, and some other cool stuff on the server tomorrow.
  5. This one isn't golden, but it's alright. That was a shotgun btw.
  6. This community has been overall fantastic for me this past year that I’ve been in it. I’m really happy to have such great staff and a great owner. Being on the MRP server really just takes me away from whatever I’m dealing with, it’s a place where I can do whatever I want really and just have fun. You being owner and putting time into the community has benefited a lot of people in many ways. So just keep it up
  7. This is beautiful, I started crying when I watched this. I can't wait until the 31st.
  8. Garnet, you still somehow amaze me. I'm excited for the new map!
  9. This update is awesome. I love the new models, new cap area, and everything else! Thank You Who's that sexy hunk???
  10. These all seem like great additions to have. Thanks Garnet!
  11. I like the blood donation system, seems really cool!
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