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  1. Okay, hear me out. Y'all want movement speed increase AND more RP depth? Add a drug cartel faction to MRP and give RU and US access to its supply of cocaine (the same thing from DRP) to get a wacky speed boost during war. 

  2. I'm not sick I'm twisted, sick makes it sound like there's a cure. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. I check instagram and only see black pictures

  4. Tfw you almost had a heart attack

  5. Tfw you almost had a heart attack

  6. My gf hasn't texted me all day and I'm starting to get worried.

    1. ThetaKek


      Yeah i forgot i left her in my basement

    2. (See 2 other replies to this status update)

  7. So because someone gets false reports against them ig that means they break the rules lol. I didn't know because i have a lot of false reports against me i break rules. Like damn.

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