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  1. arkmoment.

    1. Spilq
    2. Berry3


      i couldnt find that O_O

  2. july

    major skid, claims to be able to complete impossible tasks, user of webstressers, ddosing at the age of 20

    1. skrt


      He's a big namer tranny dude!

    2. july


      Yes Mate, B1g Name in DDoSing Stalker Community Haha :DD

    3. eXg-Buddha


      Dude, stop disrespecting Paul D! He obviously knows what he's doing, as my internet has been in absolute shambles since his ferocious attack! Now, every time I visit this profile, I quake in fear, and even squeeze out some semen from my nether regions due to the sheer power and stature Paul D holds. He reminds me so much of Eliot Rodgers, both in looks and beliefs, that I absolutely crumble in his presence. This is the last I want to hear about this topic. Do not disrespect a god!

  3. Buddha is an incredibly handsome man.

    1. eXg-Buddha


      Too kind Mr. Paul D! I appreciate you flattering me while you flatline my internet!

    2. Kicks


      H-hello there _^ sweat sweat you seem to be a sweet guy *nervous laughter* @_@

      *dabs sweat off of forehead* U-u-umm... I- I... I think *stares deeply into your eyes* I think I might l-l-l... (`・ω・´) LOVE you... Haha

      After I s-saw you on that public DDOS request website yesterday... *blushes* I knew we were meant to... meant to be together! (๑→‿←๑)

      I... I just... ummm... Would you... maybe...? Umm... maybe... runs away

      *peeking out from behind nearby wall* ...would you m-m-marry me...?

      *smiles shyly*

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