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  1. Oh I know it's easy, it just takes time, and with how many it was I bet it took a minute lmao. I don't see any errors so far!
  2. 41st changes must've actually taken ages, holy shit. Quality update once again, thanks Nutter
  3. Dope update, the helicopter will be exciting to take down with some friends. Only thing I’m not quite sure about is how it might interfere with peacetime tryouts, but it could even add a little separate challenge, “don’t die to the heli or you fail” type beat. This type of AI and patrol thing could be huge for upcoming updates, thanks Nutter
  4. why do you lie? i never lost to you
  5. miss ya bud 🤙

  6. I guess we'll see when the whitelists are out, I was just saying that as it currently is, whenever I try to switch to my jedi class it says "you must be VIP" even though I am.
  7. He means that even with a whitelist, and even with being a VIP, you can not switch to the whitelists. At least that is true for padawan.
  8. Holy shit I'm hyped, I have tomorrow off too the update grind has been insane nutter, thanks for all the hard work you and the others have put in
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