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  1. Could be interesting, it would surely change a lot, and I honestly think it would be harder to get onto OBJs because of how many spots are now open cause the walls being gone. But then again, I was never a fan of removing them.
  2. I'd like to put my opinion out there really quickly. Most people are suggesting huge map altering changes, i.e. replacing objectives, I just don't think this is necessary. Only objective I think needs tinkering/replacing is Cons, other than that maybe add a few holes in the wall like Conway suggested. The core gameplay of each objective (other than cons) was a fun experience (at least for me), I see no reason to change it. Power Plant was a change of pace, some fun sniping battles as well as CQC areas. Shipment was always some good CQC considering how fun the boxes and atmosphere inside of Shipment was to jump around and fight at. Mosque was a linear objective that you push in, or flank around into, providing some fun feeds at times as well as some fun last minute war clenches. Construction though, I do think needs a change. Either replace the objective, or lower it. Personally, I opt for lowering it. Other than that, the only changes I see necessary are QOL changes, such as nerfing OP spots that tipped the scale one way when it comes to balance of combat. Whether anybody agrees with this or not, I don't think hugely altering the map will be beneficial, and it might even harm considering how much would need to change. I also think that there's a decent alternative to this. a. Garnet adds QOL changes, nerfs cons, and adds a couple holes in the Arches, and then makes a SECOND VERSION including much more in depth changes, so that in the case of the map being hated it can be hot swapped for a new version. b. Garnet chooses one of the above, and hopes for the best.
  3. Might have to start grinding war again to prestige more, looks amazing, thanks Garnet!
  4. your banner looks dope 😀

    1. Proggy


      took like 2 minutes, its cropped stage art from a fighting game, the garnet logo, and some text.


    2. Austin


      Proggy whats the file size for banners

    3. Trench


      i fw it

  5. Not gonna make a very lengthy "application" because I don't really have much to say. Anything related to TS or forums I'm down to do, when it comes to Garnet I literally am LOOKING for shit to do at this point. With the certified forum goblin Zachary Male being gone I'm sure that opens up some work. In addition to forums and TeamSpeak, I learned how to do hitboxes a while back. Not something that I have ever had work in before, but I've fixed up one of the models on the MRP server just for fun (RU ghillie). When I get home on Friday I can send some before and after screenshots of that hitbox. My main focus is really Forums and TS though, cause I'm rather inexperienced in hitboxing, just figured I would throw it in the app cause why not. Experience - been stuck at mrp head mod for 3 months
  6. star war rp is going to come out before the clips upload, starting to think you're not being honest! !!


  8. i have been unintentionally cyberbullied by mr garnet
  9. it has to be at least 90% yeah?

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    2. Shin_Tsukimi


      If this kid ever hops back on he'll be Hella pissed

    3. AlexConway


      I think it's processing @Acer - it's gotta be right? right? He said he was uploading it

    4. acer


      It has to be @AlexConway , if it isn't by now I might begin to think he's lying tbh?

  10. acer


    1. Gythem


      I recognize that man... that faceless man...

    2. eli_



    3. acer


      thats the joke eli

  11. whats the % at?

    1. hysteria


      we have all seen the clips bub, he aint cheating xD

    2. Aparh


      @Acer "Still uploading, looking for the rest of the clips"- Assman told me to tell you

    3. riprandy


      carl man internet

  12. are the clips done uploading yet

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