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  1. Imagine getting banned for 24 million minutes for cheating on the inferior server...

  2. Linking with my unrelated brother of seven years today for the second time ever. 🇺🇸

  3. If any of you have some solid solutions for caffeine addiction I'm all ears. For a while I just smoked it away but its back around. typically go for anywhere from 230-377 mg on a caffeine day 

    1. Ozzy


      For about 3 years straight I had coffee in the morning. The last 2 weeks, I've tried to replace my coffee with a glass of juice. Orange, grape, etc. Doesn't matter.

      It might be the sugars or it might just be a placebo, but I feel like my energy levels are the exact same as when I have coffee. Better on my stomach, teeth, and body to have a glass of juice instead of 1-2 cups of coffee. Plus there are hella juices out there to try and see what you like.

    2. Ethan_Winters


      I drank coffe for 2 months cause I pulled so many all nighters for my assignments. 

      At first it was really fucking refreshing, helps me stay awake. 

      But overtime it started to be less effective and I got trembly hands when I drank it. 

      I remember that when I drink yes I would feel good for an hour or two but then I would become so sleepy.

      So I just decided to quit it. Literally cold turkey. 

      So my advice is basically just say fuck it and quit it. 

      Yes you'll feel tired when you wake up. But after an hour or two the feeling will go away. 

      Its been 4 months, Now I can pull even more all nigthers with 0 caffeine. 

    3. AlexConway


      Believe it or not - Chocolate, eat a piece or two of chocolate, dark chocolate is recommended; which has fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, potassium, etc.

      As for something to drink if you want an alternative in place of morning coffee try: Green Tea, Lemon/Citrus Water, or Herbal Tea

    1. NayvadiusHendrix


      @Jake sucks that you hate your life so much you cringe react on some irrelevant ass *****'s shit I'll pray for you bro 🙏 💯 

    2. NayvadiusHendrix


      I feel so bad I'm in your head jake

  4. well I'm off again! bye

  5. bro the oregano BRAZY. Such a time to be alive!

  6. How long should my first T break be?

    1. Nuii


      69,420 years

    2. Horseyy


      Takes 2 weeks for the receptors in your brain to go back to normal and that’s what most people do if you don’t wanna wait that long you can start feeling the affects of a t break after two days so up to you

  7. Every time I come back to this website all I see is people I used to know have left leaving fewer and fewer people that I even moderately care about so I think I will not be coming back to this website. Making this just for anyone who might be curious one day where I went, I just left bro 😄. Cheers

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    2. Horseyy


      You’ll be back.... one day

    3. skrt


      Damn bro.... Thats really fucking deep. Felt that hard....

    4. D_Rose




  8. Officially taking this off the bookmark bar, goodbye all.

  9. rip flint bro thats fucking depressing

  10. 🔥🙂👍💯

    1. Trench
    2. Horseyy
    3. esai


      hey i need u to donate me some troops :classic_sad:


  11. yo bro we need you desperately in this war. I will give you anything. there's less than 2 hours. you gotta at least 2 star number 4 and I can hit 10 with my 2nd account 

  12. I have eaten two edibles. In about 2 hours I'm going to be completely gone lol

    1. Horseyy


      How many mg each 

    2. Trench


      mans is boutta go to mars and back

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