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  1. Why the forums seem so slow rn everybody outside?

    1. Aparhs2ndAcc


      us fl jits going out to the hurricane parties rn 

  2. Disappearing again not dead (Prolly)

  3. so to recap: They former president of the opposing party has been raided by fbi, non political opponents run free, and the people that steal our money just bought 5,000,000 rounds ammo and hired 80,000 people

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    2. StraightWhiteChristianMale


      I don't like the governmebt

    3. Proggy


      To be fair, the current FBI director was appointed by Trump.
      Its good to wait for the results of an investigation before politicizing things. It's not likely the FBI adverted raid without a reason.

    4. Pluto_


      @Proggy I don't ever politicize things, and yes I know he was appointed by Donnie himself, just doesn't sit quite right with me all together that's all 🙂 

  4. Exactly what it needed good work PROGGY
  5. @PrisonNightmare I folded to my own addiction to the game, but stay strong and down the right path for me, STAY STRONG DO NOT GIVE IN!!!

  6. Day 3 of no league of legends, best decision ever

    1. PrisonNightmare


      Haven't played league in weeks, but @Fetn keeps trying to tempt me into playing it again smh

    2. Pluto_
  7. Is the "Playing other games" section or however it was worded gone? 

    1. ajbedhead


      Is the other games playing section worded gone or however it was section that was?

  8. I will give out unlimited guns to whoever gets on Cityrp right now.

  9. Garnet.gg Cityrp

  10. Good job with what you did here, it was good.
  11. #StartTheService

    1. Torq



    2. Proggy



      i mean i could press it but the server still has a password so i wont. 😔✊

  12. I fucking love movies.

  13. Consider commenting on this post if you would like to see Cityrp return 🙂

  14. Good Morning to all my non-permabanned GG members. 😎

  15. Still gone but hope yall thrivin out here fr 💯

  16. Just putting this out for the 3 people that'll wonder, I took this off quick access so I will likely be off for a while. Nothing happened to me (that I know of)

  17. Robert's gotta quick hand

  18. To anyone who has tried fortnite no build, is it worth reinstalling the launcher to try it out?

  19. "Just two weeks to get it updated to DRP standard." IYKYK

  20. "I put my faith in god I know that he believe in me." 

    1. Pluto_


      @Tora1 lick my dick and balls with that cringe react it's not a fucking religious quote you fucking doomer it's a line from a Radric Davis song, PRE lockup transformation, but you wouldn't know that cause your fuckin hair is blue

    2. IAreGunner


      ok , still cringe reacting though

  21. Look I hate to see our boys get hurt as much as the next guy, but russia is making children explode. This can not be allowed. Quite literally terrorist shit.

  22. I like to watch nba "takes" because I want to soak in the ability to see all perspectives on things, especially topics that can be gray areas like basketball, and with it being the topic of basketball, I also like digging into deep shit about the sport, so many concepts inside the game that can't all be measured by numbers. It's like basically evaluating something that is constantly moving and changing and evolving. It's so in depth. It's fucking amazing.

  23. It's really happening...

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