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  1. Bruh lowkey dono supports are stacked up and you gonna take away everyone's progress in the game? WACK!!! nobody buys the currency in the shop anyway they sit by their printer and hit up whoever is buying perms that day for in game cash or paypal it away. Bad move highkey, it's not like Rohan just gave everyone trillions, we all know that the money will never leave the inner circle of who he gave it to, all this does is hurt new players and stops the people who buy perms for new guys for in game cash cause that aint ever gonna happen now which means no more perms sells WHOMP WHOMP, I'd bet a g
  2. Love it. I haven't played TTT in years, but I have thoroughly enjoyed my past few sessions on there.
  3. The textscreen didn't stay, somebodys gonna "raid" the casino lmao Looks good, glad you added that restart message
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