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  1. Hm? Im still very active within the community via DarkRP and playing SWRP. Ive told Malmood right now im focusing on my finals for college which just ended yesterday. Im in the same boat as Prison Nightmare, right now my schedule cant help with serious long term role play responsibility so I wouldn't leave my reserves in 2GA if I couldn't fulfill the role. Im not going to cry and throw a baby tantrum to get a O-1 reserve on the docs or I would of already commented on this thread, because realistically you are right and I dont think ill ever be active again on MRP to ever hop off reserves for a entry faction, but I agree with Prison Nightmare that you shouldn't group every one who disagreed with the statement of all reserves getting wiped are either abusing reserves to not help one specific faction (Ive only been officer in 055 and 2GA). My disagreement with the new ruling is the same as Prison Nightmare is people spend a lot of time working up in a faction and now they have to start back at ground zero. My only suggestion would be to cap reserves either to be WO or high enlisted but you have to reach a certain rank cap like O-3 to be placed on reserves and if someone wanted to be taken off reserves they would have to do a TS meeting with a Manager+ and the leader of the faction on why they should be taken off reserves. Also if upper staff are concerned with people hopping factions with reserves why not make it like SWRP and have it if you leave a faction to join another faction you get removed from the prior faction and start fresh with the new faction.
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