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  1. +1 Good App, Great Guy, Overall Chill and seems fit for the job. PS Gimmi ur money on DRP
  2. Thank's for making a day for donation support since so many people have problems but its also a day to kinda relax if there is nothing. Hopefully this schedule helps with managing everything and can't wait to see more
  3. Can't Wait to become [ Children Of Stegwin ] again I miss it lol
  4. @Garnet off Topic but could you put a area in the Forums for people to get all the add-ons i have error signs still and your server is the only server i ever joined i cant see money or donation boxes
  5. If the server is having a Eco Wipe does this include level if so do people who prestige lose their prestige level? Also i would like to keep items that i have in my unbox that were in the Old Unbox crates such as my Ares Strike and my Medkit that I got when I first joined. I am also agreeing with Buddha here with the lack of money you make from other Jobs, weed only makes a few bucks and Meth is only good for the levels really. Aswell as we need to make it so if your AFK too long on a job it should set you as Citizen since lots of people have to go without a gun because of AFK gun dealers. Another thing i'd like to bring up is how fast duels can go people can get in and flick you in 1 shot and the duel is over there needs to be a prop or something to stop this from happening so its a fair Duel.
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