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  1. Yay! More Content thanks @Garnet @proggy @DiegoZavier keep the idea's and updates coming so the players have more to look forward to!!!!
  2. What if the player is a VIP and pastes a Dupe down for PD before becoming CP like do props get wiped or do they stay up when you switch jobs. Great update tho!
  3. I hope you can recode it so it works because that is a big money maker if your lucky also don't over work yourself take time off too lol servers are important somewhat but your health is Number 1 lol. Can't wait!
  4. Unbox all your stuff and put it in ur INV and BANK Hope we can keep it lmao
  5. So far the Shark is amazing and fun to play as. Second, one of the chessboards are missing a Tile. Third love the update overall good job Garnet!
  6. Damn taking pills suck but your in pain. Just use a Medkit in game it's much faster to heal lmao. Have fun also RIP DarkRP#2 ;-;
  7. Aye I'm the VIP+ in that Picture lmaooo
  8. Thanks for the Update Garnet players will love this can't wait to see more and when will unbox be added for the players who have a ton of money and no-where to spend it. Keep up the great work!
  9. Thanks for the update Garnet! Can't wait for more and can't wait for unbox to be added.
  10. I don't think it works for the credits it's more for the 30 Day VIP i think since it uses credits for the store. So it would be like a gift card you buy it for $100 online but then you can use that card till it runs out and it wont auto refill but if you get a subscription for something with the card it will take it from there. idk if you understand this since im a little bad with grammer but yeah.
  11. If the Secret is in game I'll find it but yeah 2019 is in the Topic for this Post
  12. Like my post above Cire but hey No-collides weren't even supposed to be a thing in the 1st place.
  13. Thank's for making a day for donation support since so many people have problems but its also a day to kinda relax if there is nothing. Hopefully this schedule helps with managing everything and can't wait to see more
  14. Nooo my quick doors ;-; now how are we supposed to have a door without cops seeing in when we leave this sucks but oh well. All my bases gone and my quickdoors are usless now since i used no-collide for my fastdoor so i could leave base or throw printers in quickly without having the need to a button. I will upload a old video to show what i mean. Edit: I Also Use No-Collide when i make banks for people to put printers inside the base without having them get shot at by other players Edit2: here is Video https://streamable.com/m7r53
  15. Can't Wait to become [ Children Of Stegwin ] again I miss it lol
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