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  1. Bitchin update!!!!! Thanks big dog!
  2. i cant keep sponsoring your AA recovery if you keep getting drunk and stomping on squirrels in the park. do better.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Adric


      gay sex doesnt make me take my clothes off at the office sexual harassment seminar and ask the instructor how she likes her sausage cooked while your dick is in a cast iron pan...

    3. WreckEMsaints


      Imma make that teacher bitch go uwu 

    4. StraightWhiteChristianMale


      Prime example of when politicians get too much power 🤦🏿‍♂️

  3. Thanks for your quick response to my suggestion earlier. I appreciate all you do bro!

  4. good to see a fellow spurs fan!

  5. Deny No Way GIFWhen I see people getting hit with the charge backs ban I think this is what’s going through your head

    1. Nutter


      Not like banning them is going to stop me from paying a $25+ fee for it

    2. WreckEMsaints


      Damn yeah I’d be pissed too

  6. So does the prison outfit stay with you until you die or how does that work?
  7. Praying for the family of gamma and all those who knew them. I’ve had my moments of my life where I thought the best way was to end it. It takes the love of one another and support unconditionally to see the brighter side of things. If anyone ever needs to have someone listen I am always a message away and can give you my personal number. Suicide is never the answer, get the help that is out there and things will get better I promise.
  8. Hi



















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