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  1. So does the prison outfit stay with you until you die or how does that work?
  2. Praying for the family of gamma and all those who knew them. I’ve had my moments of my life where I thought the best way was to end it. It takes the love of one another and support unconditionally to see the brighter side of things. If anyone ever needs to have someone listen I am always a message away and can give you my personal number. Suicide is never the answer, get the help that is out there and things will get better I promise.
  3. Hi



















  4. wreckinralf

    1. WreckEMsaints


      Who the fuck even are you

    2. cockinball


      i was gonna make a moma joke but you're in early 30's so heres this



  5. This guyyyyyyy. Miss ya man. 

  6. stop the shitpostin sir

    1. WreckEMsaints


      That’s not a shit post. Look at the rules my guy. 

    2. OpTic Gunner

      OpTic Gunner

      • If you weren't involved with or have evidence regarding a situation, don't respond to the thread.
  7. Hello fetty 

    1. Fetn


      oh no ive been found out oh shit 
      hello lol


    2. WreckEMsaints


      Hahahahaha you couldn’t hide for long boy

  8. Not the biggest update but a beneficial one, thanks boss!
  9. Hope you’ve been starting to feel better man, did you ever find out what was cause?

    1. Nutter


      All I found out is that it was not covid, still feel pretty shitty. I appreciate you reaching out

  10. Happy birthday little nugget. Don’t expect any gifts from me. 

    1. ajbedhead


      Thanks bro I appreciate it and I wont lmaooo

  11. When you screwed up your shoulder and don’t even know how. #oldage

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