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  1. If shipment is still there, maybe add more hard cover inside and open it up a little bit in the main section. I do agree with Salmons idea, but instead of EMB from Echo, what if it was Company? (Theos has the screenshot in an above post)
  2. plz not another MP5A5 meta. Anyways, nice update lol
  3. Can H.Mods not setjobs anymore? other than that, great update!
  4. I've only met him a few time, few interactions. I regret not talking to him more, RIP my homie Gamma.
  5. big rips man, but hey, atleast the motherboard didn't shit the bed.
  6. Aye, I was waiting for the 2nd test run. Last time I was only on for 15 mins, hope to see more of the map.
  7. I assume those are to be images, awesome update, although is the OBJ status going to stay in the bottom left?
  8. I love the new OBJs and terrain, although not to nitpick, but the COMMS garage door went down instead of up and are the front door controls going to function like before?
  9. Ah, I must have read it wrong, although most ARs do around 30-40 DMG, which I would believe is enough. The low firerate would have to be slightly lower, any lower and it would be like the SKS-D.
  10. The 22LR pistol was the best lol. Great update Garnet, I do agree with pretty much all Hysteria said besides the ARs spread, in my opinion its a bit too tight.
  11. Great update! big RIP to PDSS. also, PDSS models don't fold like Vega, 2GA, and RU Ghillie (I may be missing a few) unless your talking about fixing the other models, ignore what was said above.
  12. you best be talkin bout my nigga Hendrix

    1. Reeper
    2. Reeper


      ya know, not gonna name names


  13. By the way, the Merc class still kills ya instantly and makes the body go flying
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