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  1. bruh working for only 4 hours when they don't need me so I sit on my phone on forums is really annoying when I could be home

    1. Jared Cox

      Jared Cox

      At a time like this, money is very important to have. Yeah you may think it's annoying to work when your job doesn't require you on a particular day, but just remember that you're lucky to have a job when a lot of people during the coronavirus aren't making a good income/not making ANY income.

    2. PraetorDon


      Use that time to learn stuff, so you can get a job that actually pays you to work and not to sit.

    3. Zachman


      True but I'm also only 16 its good experience but right now I'm much more focused on school than money

  2. When homast starts to follow you:)

  3. I joined way back on CS desert then went away for a while and returned on echo in Christmas of 2019, i dont think e how was bad and we did have a big player pop but here we go taiga
  4. @Garnet in this update since we are getting a proper spawn room are staff now going to be able to TP to the sit rooms by doing /sit or no
  5. I hit 100 rep :))))

  6. I'm glad you stuck it out garnet, it was really a 50/50 for how it worked but it worked very well, I'm super glad I have a game to where I can come home to and talk with all the people I know throughout the servers. I hope that the community can become international and we get more people in the future, the community for Garnet Gaming is very bright at the moment and it keeps getting better
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