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  1. Congratulations on DRP manager!

    1. TJ__


      Thank you it took a long time but I finally got it

  2. Awesome work bricknet, cant wait to play on this map and get a fresh air for a new map
  3. -1 Very cringe, Undertale AU obsession kinda weird ngl

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    2. Salmon


      Wait wasn't I removing you from my faction? @Zachman

    3. Zachman


      wait your faction! i thought it was  python who was PKN!!


    4. Salmon


      Haha not yet 😉

  4. sir you never removed my warning point.

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    2. OpTic Gunner

      OpTic Gunner

      He would rather suck his toes then do that LOL. He said he would rather fuck himself then give me a rust mod rank 

    3. Zachman


      Unfortunately Fourm mods do not have the perms to get rid of warns so he will have to do it himself 

    4. The King of Rohan

      The King of Rohan

      thats when you just do this Next warning he gets give him 0 warning points and the note to member stating the reason for 0 was due to his old one not being removed

  5. Awesome work man, ive been watching you over time since you started with this and its unbelievable how great it is, i cant wait for map testing to start and for signs, why not position them, so if its in a very popular place on the map where it will be constantly seen, make it bigger and raise the price, but for areas that aren't so popular in activity, make them smaller and a small price to pay
  6. Yo you won't believe this




  7. How do you pronounce Tuesday 

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    2. Soldier


      ets' pronounced toouezdeh, aint et rioght?

    3. ajbedhead
    4. Zachman


      Spilq must be loving this, especially since its too tchuez dey tomorrow 

  8. Wake up with 15 notifications and its just you blowing them up with accepted and denied 

  9. when is the community being renamed to Bricknet Gaming

    1. Gythem



  10. the return of the memes

  11. Dark rp : I can't wait for the new update for DRP its probably gonna be amazing Garnut : B R I C K
  12. What a terrible owner does nothing to help MRP but play phasmophobia and stream him mapping. Jokes aside this update looks really really good, glad the promotion system is fixed and also other big things like NPC'S. Keep up the great work
  13. wanting to find some sort of happiness out there

    1. Bortnik_


      I’ll love you for 50 credits... jk I already love you

  14. Yo that's looks incredible, keep up the amazing work
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