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  1. @Garnet look at your steam messages

  2. Good update and I agree with the name change completely Will the main drp get casinos? They have become quiet popular among the server
  3. Bruh you need to chill, you get 2 more warns and you get forum banned 

  4. Damn I just realized how old you are spilq, how do you do it 

    1. Clicher


      Pretty sure @Shin_Tsukimi is older.

    2. Zachman


      They are built different 

    3. DiegoZavier


      haters gonna hate 

  5. you're welcome 

  6. Hey jackal

    1. Zachman


      after asking garnet he said you are fine to have an alt on here, if you wish to get your main one back you'll have to ask him to unban it!

  7. why the fuck is song copy righted from like 400 years ago like bitch wtf are the collecting money from the dead, i fucking hate music producers 

    1. JackJJ


      Yep, labels are bitches lol.

    2. cockinball


      moonlight all night

  8. i just spent two hours playing undertale to post my genocide no death or save run and successfully did it and when i went to upload it to creative corner the fight hour of it was corrupted -_-

  9. when are @Clicherand @Shin_Tsukimi getting their drp manager tags

    1. Shin_Tsukimi


      Relax. We'll get them when garnet has time 🙂

  10. ハハあなたはこれをオンラインで調べなければならなかったモロンホいくつかの外国のクラスを取る
    1. PrisonNightmare


      Translates to: "Haha you had to look this up online Moronho Take some foreign classes" from japanese

      fuck you

    2. Draco_
  11. I find it very pog two of the drp executives follow me on forums 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Zachman


      Yooooo let's goooo

    3. JackJJ


      A future executive just followed you 😉

    4. Flak


      don't let it get to ur head

  12. I really dig the achievement system and I hope the xp for the obj finally works! Really great update, and can't wait for the next map change as well
  13. where is your manager tag

    1. Shin_Tsukimi


      The real question is where is mine? Lmao

    2. DooDooCaCa


      What, your not manager only AJ is not you, your a scam your a sham!

  14. Guess I'll be more serious than, I think delta eith some added things proves very beneficial, for example all of the objectives if you can get on them are extremely close quarters and I would argue it is the best cqc map we have besides the new map, the objective in the middle of the map is perfect for sniping and cqc. How you could have a squad hold the stairs or rain bullets down from above is what made fall in love with the map, people are making good point by adding some more cover to the map like a forest to reduce snipers so it's more enjoyable for newer players. Sorry for how I act
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