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  1. daily reminder i clapped this kid in friday night funkin

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Clicher


      I had a feeling zachman was bad at that game

    3. Zachman


      Oh no im actually very good. I beat most people but you know he cheats and never misses a single fucking beat since he has aim bot.

    4. Lucher



  2. edit it and post it


    do it


    you know what im talking about

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    2. StillWohMi


      let me see the video and ILL tell you the parts we dont need

    3. Zachman


      id have to upload it to YT first, ill do it tomorrow 

    4. The King of Rohan

      The King of Rohan

      @Zachmanhe could always use the bullshit excuse of "That happened months ago"

  3. Pffff you actually applied I thought you were joking, what a legend


  4. dude tetris slaps, 8-bits just real good in general, ESPECIALLY by Nintendo, they definitely had some of the best 8-bit music.

    Some of my favorites from the NES system were

    -The first zelda soundtrack

    (Favorite song being overworld ofc)

    -Tetris ofc

    -Mario Bros

    -Kid Icarus

    -Dr Mario

    -Punch Out (one of my personal favorites)

    Castlevania II

    -Kirby ofc


    1. Clicher


      The 2A03 sound chip for the NES is goated change my mind

  5. This is really nice, now people gotta actually try and think instead of copy and paste from console
  6. man you have become big in the community and i remember the first time you made yourself really known is when you made this 

    GarnetGaming Garry's Mod Ban Stats - Creative Corner - Garnet Gaming

    it was really cool to see then and is still really cool to see now

    PT 2? 👀

  7. You will be missed amongst the community Gamma, my you rest in peace wherever you go.

  8. we all know garnet is not removing my warn 💀

    1. Zachman


      then why make an appeal

    2. OpTic Gunner

      OpTic Gunner

      Sir I made a appeal-got accepted-the Warn is still affecting me many months later 😞

    3. Fetn
  9. Name : SSO SOPT Zachman I was in the last beta tester when it first launched Reason: again im a dedicated member to MRP and im on almost every day, i was there when we tested it first and how discussed how things could be improved, Delta was the first map when i became SOC in SSO and im very curious how the changes are going to be from then to now and would like to help to find more spots that could be deemed unfair and fix them so when the full release is out they wont be there,
  10. Happy Birthday! 🥳 🎂 👍

    1. Zachman



    2. AwesomeAidan0221
    3. Aparh



  11. he also has anyone with any colored name on forums to do it for him as well if he were to @ them
  12. i would rather suggest put tali as the main instead of ru, i mean when someone joins the sever most of the time they will join US because they are US and no one really knows RU besides Communism, but give them the choice of having tali and having a RPG and bombs to suicide may interest recruits more and make base factions more even again but I'm just spit balling ideas plus coming from an RP standpoint would make more sense of the war than the RU and us fighting right now since most of the battles are in the desert (like delta will be soon)
  13. Impossible, how is your favorite game not Undertale?

    Favorite Thing [v4] - The Playground - Garnet Gaming

    1. Nuii


      @Soldier i have more vbucks than you

    2. Horseyy


      This is remarkable, amusing, can’t begin to process the momentum of this fact. I will be meditating on this have a good. 

  14. ill give u good rep because u trained me 🙂

    1. Zachman


      all those disagree's did not mean anything, i still got it! your 1 agree saved me gunner!

    2. trench


      Zachman always deserves good rep

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