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  1. @Garnet, I think @Garnet said or maybe it was @Garnet, I don't know - I don't want to @Garnet randomly on a thread @Garnet is very busy.

  2. good person

  3. Mark “Sugar Daddy” Duglas

  4. Hi conway it me ducky : D

    you are my favourite army general


  5. Will you reset someone donation packages on Prometheus to allow them to rebuy if they cannot A. Find their transaction ID or B. It's older than one year old?
  6. I know I'll get loads of cringe reactions on this, but it's worth it. I've know you for exactly 5 years this month. We've had our ups and downs and definitely our laughs, you are someone who no matter what never lost themselves in ownership, always remaining in touch with every server, every update made by you. It's truly a great thing to know that accomplish this by yourself whereas other communities need 10+ to do the work you do. You have definitely become one of my closest friends over these past five years, and I'm glad I know you. No homo. Thank you for all the work you do, and the faith you've put in me through the years, and most importantly the jokes and moments, (and calling me a faggot every 10 seconds.). Especially thank you for being there even with IRL issues, I know I can talk to you. Thank you @Garnet
  7. I think this counts a "relevant information" I mean -1 straight away. Few things wrong here, only one clip - slight improvement because it's 45 seconds, but still lack of evidence. Other than the fact that he shot through the door not the wall, which is very much possible. Below you can see a screenshot of the exact point, the player died - which he died directly behind the door; again possible. Besides the fact there's only one clip, over one round, and two "PVPs" so to speak, the fact that he missed 84.5% of the shots he took, doesn't sound like aimbotting, and he has no crazy flicks, and there is no logs to show the damage along side them. He couldn't even CQC someone with the M16. TD;LR - Lack of Evidence, Not Aimhacking, Missed way to many shots, and can't tell from 1 clip. When you collect evidence, spectate them the whole round and point out timestamps, for context - Additionally, for PERMANENT Bans, such as hacking Garnet requires 100% evidence, multiple clips, over time.
  8. You will have to wait for @Garnet to accept or deny this. Please wait until then, as TTT is new, he is the only person who can Accept/Deny reports, appeals, and suggestions.
  9. +1 - I'm very confused if this evidence is supposed to be damning. I mean, one shot is barely nutty, but the dude missed half his shots, that doesn't align with any form of external/internal scripting (hacks). You have clips from 1 round, that amount 20 seconds, this is NOT sufficient ban evidence. I cautioned @Enigma in game. Garnet's policy is very clear about Hacking bans, the evidence has to be very obvious they are hacking, this is nowhere close. Do your due diligence and get more clips, it's likely this will be an unban for lack of evidence. This is GarnetGaming, you need to conform to our way of doing things, collecting evidence and being 100% and fair. TL;DR - 1 Not so impossible/not so nutty shot, 1 round, 1 clip under 20 seconds, lack of evidence, user should be unbanned.
  10. I've posted a format - please edit your post with the format below!
  11. Trouble In Terrorist Town Staff/Player Report Format Failure to fully complete the format, no evidence/lack of evidence, or not using the format will result in a denial of your format. Who are you reporting? [Staff/Player]: Your in-game name: Your SteamID (https://steamid.io/): In-game name of reportee: SteamID of reportee (https://steamid.io/): Date & Time of incident: Timezone: What happened? (include any proof):
  12. Trouble In Terrorist Town Ban Appeal Format Failure to fully complete the format, or not using the format will result in a denial of your appeal In-game name: SteamID (https://steamid.io/): Staff members in-game name: Staff members SteamID (/id (name): Date & Time of incident: Timezone: Ban Reason: How long were you banned for?: Proof of Ban: What happened? (include any proof): Why should your ban be removed?:
  13. I mean don't you? Fuck the 89 players online I want that sweet sweet 5 ping! "I can't allow people to have fake ping"
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