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  1. Hey, are you still the SWRP Super Admin? I have a question.

    1. Bortnik_
    2. Ozzy


      He gave himself reserves.

  2. Updated Textscreens because tired Garnet can't spell. Ki Adi Mundi? Coming back? Dopppppe
  3. Sorry to be that person but it's "congratulations"
  4. It was - I've messaged Garnet about it will be fixed later.
  5. It was great working with you yesterday. Thank you
  6. Those holotables one of my better suggestions - love em. I do prefer the model you chose though! The one I suggested was massive. Great work Phantom and Garnet. Might be a pain in the ass to ask, but can Commanders, Navy, and Jedi (Named) Get the hologram transceiver? ( weapon_wos_holocaller ) That way we don't need Phantom on to spawn weapons.
  7. I don’t exactly play MRP, but you have to realize you’re voting on a map, not to turn the player base back to that time. I would advise against voting on it because of what happened during that map. I was here for the bi-weekly map updates when Garnet was in his prime of mapping, neither map is bad. Neither map is going to “fix basecamp” or anything it’s something the player base has done itself. Neither map is going to be a solution to a whole host of issues, With that being said, V3 would be a solid choice as you’re going back to another solid map if people aren’t fond of V3. Hope this helpe
  8. Love the update! Can’t wait to do some events without people hearing toolgun spam ! Love the precision tool! Good update thanks Garnet !goto and !bring - do not work - even while on the GM whitelist Physgun is invisible but tool gun is not silent.
  9. I think he is trying referring to a lack of DarkRP updates even though the last DarkRP update is just a week ago. Hence the “to die”. He clearly doesn’t understand development or that our DarkRP is more advanced that 85% of the others. I don’t know “doe” Anyway, great update will definitely have to play against @Enigma on this update
  10. @Garnet, I think @Garnet said or maybe it was @Garnet, I don't know - I don't want to @Garnet randomly on a thread @Garnet is very busy.

  11. Nice Update, Maybe I'll actually get on DarkRP and check it out! Go. to. bed.
  12. I've loaded in directly 5 times, no waiting so idk -
  13. Myself, Oboshi, and Barnet/Bortnik just loaded in, sit on it for like 5 minutes
  14. Stay loading in on that for 5 or so minutes, you'll get in, literally JUST worked for me - I don't know if it's STEAM or Garnet
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