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  1. go lead new SSO rn

  2. @Captainswag messaged me about Gamma's passing yesterday, and that news is never fun to here. Thank you, @Garnet for putting an event together for this. I haven't interacted with Gamma much since I left the community, but the moments we shared were always amazing. To you Gamma, I hope you looked back on the many positive and wonderful memories you got to make with everyone, and somehow feel the love of everyone here. You deserve it. It sucks to know how much pain you must have been going through to take your own life. Whatever your soul might be going through right now, I hope it is better than what you were feeling the moments before your passing. You succeeded at being a positive influence on many people, as seen on this thread. Thanks for the time we had.
  3. Take a shower, I can smell you from my discord


    jk love you ❤️ 

    1. Horseyy


      My dear boy... Ethan is no longer with us

    2. Captainswag



  4. Yeah, that's why I got raid feeds instead, fps dropped too much during war. But now I use GeForce NOW, got good FPS, just have shit mouse/mic set up, but still can play well, just don't do gmod anymore since I can play games that aren't COD/BF but worse lol
  5. That's why you had to mass, couldn't get a feed any other way lmfao
  6. Yes, and name the RU version Tachanka. The lord will demolish the US soldiers on the battlefield with his mounted HMG.
  7. So I assume that Juggernaut is staying, and this new class is being added along side it instead of replacing it. If that's the case, would RU be receiving a Juggernaut equivalent as well?
  8. The light machine gun for base factions should have a slightly higher fire rate. I like it being slower, but I think a tweak would make it more viable at holding a position with sustained fire or firing through a wall.
  9. don't forget SSO SMG, and removing it from Vega Group : Operator
  10. It was removed because often you would have only 3 low grade from a barrel, half the time low grade and crude, and a small amount of the time both. Now it's just always crude. I know you played the Rust server, did you just never farm the oil barrels for low grade?
  11. That was intentional in a previous update, Garnet asked about loot tables, we suggested remove low grade and only get crude oil so you can refine it and get larger amounts of low grade. I liked the update, works great, don't know why you want 3 low grade when you can get 7 crude oil and turn that into like 21 low grade instead.
  12. I no longer think this lmao. After actually using the stamina system in several wars, and seeing everyone else affected by it, it is very interesting, and I am liking it more and more. It makes people put actual thought into their movement instead of just spamming or running everywhere. The fire fights are a lot more interesting in my opinion, including sniping. People have to conserve their stamina before they get in fights so they have enough to dodge shots and shoot back instead of being stuck in the open with no stamina. Using your stamina wisely benefits you, and ignoring that stamina bar hits you hard.
  13. Yeah, my MATCH time isn't affected by the stamina at all. I even still have enough stamina to try and bhop at the end using about 3-4 jumps.
  14. I agree with this, or decreasing how fast sprinting brings down stamina. Either way, the amount that stamina is decreased by jumping would need to increase to maybe 20-35% per jump instead so you can jump about 3-5 times before you need to wait for more stamina.
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