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  1. ūüć§

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    2. rauler


      Raulers back is growing at an exponential rate, shit is like cell from dragonball

    3. Swigss


      @rauler i didnt give u permission to type on these forums??? the fuc k?

    4. bishopil


      Raulers back is pulling doms on reddit no cap

  2. Not in a million years did I ever even think that I would ever be back here with this sorry bastard, yet here I am. Been three years since I joined this community, here's to a few more.
  3. we're waiting sweetie 

  4. Take your pick. The trailer only runs for about three minutes, but I have about an hour of footage and a few scenes that didn't make the final cut because they didn't flow cinematic-ally or were too hard to coordinate, but would be fine for the purpose of static images.
  5. Wow Garnet, this is very "Pogger". Seriously though, where does that guy get off?
  6. Shut up BigGov, blue collar server owners must be protected! Equality!! Down with the 1%!!
  7. Goofy logic, facepunch devs are commies.
  8. corv on the phone w his lawyers right now probably, I think this will sort itself out
  9. Frankly, this makes it a little difficult to get new players. However, the servers haven't been wiped from existence and there are still players on. I assume this 'blacklist' means that GG and everyone else had their servers taken off the listing, in which case, both GG and an unnamed popular server still appear. I think it might just be a fluke, but honestly I think this whole thing is a fluke and nothing to panic over yet.
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