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  1. The problems with original Echo were the awful fps, and the bridge cap being janky. Even with a powerful computer, the frames were terrible. The bridge cap was fixed to be village, which was great. I actually liked the map design of Echo v1: good flank routes, harder to basecamp, but it wasn't worth the frame drops.
  2. I'm guessing because with such a large amount of people, people would talk over each other. That being said, there are fixes to that. This would be a good opportunity to fix ts permissions and allow managers etc. to grant talk power, so these meetings can be moderated.
  3. I disagree, as the last two Officers I have came off reserves to help me out, something I'm very grateful for. I really don't see the need for this, I think it was fine that all reserves requests needed to go through the management team, and all that could be given was O-1 reserves. This seems incredibly short sighted and an overreaction to certain factions being a bit too liberal with handing them out. There's no way for me to politely say how strongly I disagree with this, so I'll leave it at that. As an aside, why not post this at a time that everyone would see it?
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