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  1. This all seems pretty pog and I’m especially excited for prone to return. Prone made being a ghillie in a bush feel cool as fuck. As long as the prone bug does not return I think it will be a fun time. It can also be used in tryouts to act as a stealth segment (for example. Crawl through shipment without being spotted or something of that nature.) Snipers being a sentry is something I’ve wanted for a while now. As a person who never third person sniped and would always snipe from UK on desert it just felt natural for me to not cosplay a bunny and hop around everywhere while I was smiling.
  2. So can i have a 11 mag Matador
  3. This post got more replies in one hour than the post by Garnet asking about what the community wants for a full 24 hours. Taiga and Chakarikar are basically the same map with a couple of OBJ changes. I feel like the M4 changes are far too drastic and make the rifle into a laser and people will begin to complain in a matter of weeks like they did on delta about the Army and Marine rifles. With the lack of competent staff in recent memory the addition to Game Master I feel does not make sense. Overall I think this update swing for the fences and swung out.
  4. Currently sleeping but expect a garnet time tomorrow on this situation
  5. I know this is not gameplay but haer me out. This was our old forums background and I think its time for a comeback. @rauler
  6. Will there be a mutiny event where the rightful leader of Seals is given back his rank
  7. Great update. Looking forward into playing the 2x
  8. Great update as always. All these changes are great and welcome additions
  9. Zoo we mama you papa garnet Thank you wasdin bb
  10. This is great thank you garnet. The rust server will be pushing 150 in no time
  11. Any update on the loot tables being fixed
  12. Great map so far. Just wish the great 2GA PFC Stark could see it. Also I think if vehicles came back it would be fucking awesome
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