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  1. Not the fucking profile picture LMFAO

    1. Nutter


      brather wat?

    2. DiegoZavier




    3. Zachman
  2. You do be stealing my name fool 😠

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    2. Enigma


      Ignore everything the polite gentlemen said above, keep your name as it currently is. Much more unique and fits you much better! I love the new one

    3. QuandaryJoe


      while i appreciate the information i think ill stick to this name, enigma is right 🙂

  3. Lets fucking gooooo, mission system looking fucking outstanding. Will get some more missions sent over to you overtime, for a much larger variety!
  4. That scoreboard staff command tab is going to be helpful as fuck, looking forward to using that.
  5. "sorry, you can not add anymore reactions today" I am more than excited to see how this server goes, as I have said before and will continue to say: This is only the beginning for GarnetGaming TTT. Little sneak-peak for Detective below ( ignore the double AWP) It’s been fixed
  6. DNA Scanner Tutorial Using the DNA scanner is quite simple but the F1 menu does not have a tutorial for new players so I decided to make this for those who don't know. (Special thanks to CUX for the idea! ) Identifying DNA Scanner First you have to have a DNA scanner it's obtainable in 2 different ways. If you are Detective you will spawn with it. Another way is finding it on the ground! For those of you who don't know what it looks like refer to this picture. ( Little tiki girl ) Identifying when to use a DNA scanner You can only use
  7. I haven't been here for very long but i'm excited for what we have going for the TTT server! I've been staff on many servers and you're hands down the most interactive with your community and just being there for staff when they need you. Thank you for your endless support
  8. Use of damage logs This is for those who are not familiar with all the feature's within Damage logs. Damage logs are very complex but very simple to learn and understand quickly. A- Round selection: Used to set the round of which logs are need to be seen on. Goes back 10 rounds along with showing the previous maps last round B- Highlighting: Used to establish highlighting on the marked players logs.,making their logs distinguished from other players. C- Roles: Shows you the roles of each player that round. D- Suspicious logs: The server marks these logs because th
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