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  1. Agreed, I have removed portable tester. Have heard from multiple people now that it wouldn't be very balanced. Thank you for your input, Cux.
  2. Denied You refused to change your name after 2 warnings. On your final warning you asked why your name needed to be changed. After 3 warnings across multiple rounds you refused to change your name Jalapeno took action. Next time use proper formatting. Ban is justified @Alex Conway @Garnet Please lock & move
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    Denied Correct me if I am wrong but I do believe Power Rounds do not effect your Karma. Also staff have nothing to do with your karma this was self inflicted Next time use the proper format. @Alex Conway @Garnet Please lock & move
  4. Here are a few items I got from looking and talking to other staff, I think these would be great additions! Let me know what you think below! Detective : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=290282950&searchtext=riot+shield Riot shield https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1995245925&searchtext= Golden Deagle Traitor https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=475646762&searchtext=watermelon+launcher Watermelon Launcher https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=515933121&searchtext=harpoon Harpoon https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=922052878&searchtext=holy+hand+ Holy Hand Grenade https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=643230441 Turtle grenade ( Proximity mine ) Undecided Not necessarily this one but something like it. I think it would be best for something in your inventory. For example when you use the item a random ammo drop will fall out. Not fully sure but I like the idea of having something to refill your ammo on the go. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=273578752&searchtext=briefcase
  5. @eXg-Buddha " When responding to a report/appeal thread you must be directly involved to the situation, or have relevant information that could sway the final decision" Not quite sure why you are asking the person who got banned if he has evidence. Our system is innocent until proven guilty. Nonetheless here's the evidence : At :45 your shots onto the tower were a little suspicious as you shot around 10 rounds and you seem to hit Mr.Nice with about everyone one of them. None the less this is even hard to do at the range with a m16 etc you seem to be able to handle the recoil and put the crosshair back on his head after every shot ( Slow playback to .25 ). Along with this after the round ends at 1:10 After you shoot your AWP you pull out your mac11 and fire off 15~ rounds and after every shot your crosshair moves back to his head ( Very noticeable on the first 5-6 shots.) ( Slow playback to .25 ). In this video you shoot a dude when you weren't even really looking at him, going to assume this is a spectator glitch though or possibly latency between spectating. But nonetheless I decided I should still include this as this is very blatant. Denied. Other's staff members and myself have talked, this is blatant hacks. @Alex Conway @Garnet Please lock & move.
  6. Denied Next time when reporting please use the proper format.
  7. Accepted Both players involved were banned for 2 weeks & have 3 auto slays each for ghosting. Thanks for the report!
  8. DNA Scanner Tutorial Using the DNA scanner is quite simple but the F1 menu does not have a tutorial for new players so I decided to make this for those who don't know. (Special thanks to CUX for the idea! ) Identifying DNA Scanner First you have to have a DNA scanner it's obtainable in 2 different ways. If you are Detective you will spawn with it. Another way is finding it on the ground! For those of you who don't know what it looks like refer to this picture. ( Little tiki girl ) Identifying when to use a DNA scanner You can only use the DNA scanner on dead bodies ( INNOCENTS ) . In particular dead bodies which have DNA To identify if a body has DNA you have to search the body and look for this ICON ( Black Arrows ) The time on the Icon is how much time you have left until the DNA will be gone. You are also able to use DNA scanner on the following weapons: How to use the DNA Scanner First you must find a body with DNA, when said body is found you want to get close enough to be able to left click the DNA scanner on the body ( Normally have to crouch) After you've gotten a DNA sample off a body a DNA strand symbol will appear on the map. The regeneration rate on the symbol is dependent on how far away from the target you are ( Farther away takes more energy ) When and only when you are 100% sure the symbol is on a player you can execute them.
  9. I will ask fellow staff members if they banned you but my guess is the Anti-cheat banned you. Jalepeno would be my really only guess because he does get on earlier but typically he would ask me my opinion before taking action. I wouldn’t say will vouch, i’d prefer if next time you said most likely instead. But this is true I do see you on a lot and I have never seen anyone accuse you of anything and you never seemed suspicious to me. I am almost 100% sure positive the anti-cheat banned him so I would calm down before throwing accusations at people. Side note the new staff do not have permissions to ban so this is inaccurate in more than just one way.
  10. Anti-cheat only catches my guess is about 20% of hackers that join the server. Referring to the lighthouse shots it's not like you have to keep aim-locks on whether its slight aim corrections or obvious. Both can be toggled off with a click of a button.
  11. Same thing as normal you joined and your 8+ bhops were giving me suspicion so I started to spectate you. Yes like you stated Bhopping is not impossible I just tend to spectate and be on the watch out for players that are hitting multiple bhops consecutively and still gaining momentum especially on this map. Anyways on to the evidence: At around 33 seconds pause the video slow it down to .25 and lets start. You headshot Jack which is standing next to a tree, after this kill it seems you lock on to a player on the second floor of the tower. Than about 2 seconds after this you do a basically 120 degree turn and it seems you lock onto the guy at tester. I slow'd it down .25 and it still seems like you flicked to the player at tester ( Pengu ) at a insane speed. You do a 120° turn in 5 frames while'st locking onto a player's head who was off your screen.
  12. You joined the server and were suspicious to me off the start as you were hitting 10+ bhops in a row while still gaining momentum. at some points even going backwards. This made me start to spectate you and here are the results : Deagle shots are looking a little sus but nothing really set me off as cheating. Slow playback speed down to .25 . At around 16 seconds you flick at an insane speed right onto his body than after he dies your mouse goes back to its orignal position before shooting. Along with a little after Hysteria dies in lava but you shoot and it seems to lock onto his dead body with your first shot Also would like to bring this to light while it's here I think on the ban screen it should include who bans you.
  13. I haven't been here for very long but i'm excited for what we have going for the TTT server! I've been staff on many servers and you're hands down the most interactive with your community and just being there for staff when they need you. Thank you for your endless support
  14. +1 I feel like this is enough evidence to support the claim they were ghosting
  15. Enigma

    Name colours

    +1 I agree with you on this would be another bonus from donating
  16. Who are you reporting? [Staff/Player]: Player Your in-game name: Enigma Your SteamID (https://steamid.io/): STEAM_0:1:57580508 In-game name of reportee: liyoツ SteamID of reportee (https://steamid.io/): STEAM_0:1:125900198 Date & Time of incident: Over the past 5 days Buddha and I have been working together to collect evidence Timezone: EST What happened? (include any proof): Over the past couple of days plenty of players along with most of the staff team has been suspicious that liyoツ has been cheating. Buddha and I took it into our hands to give it our best effort of trying to find evidence. Here's what we got: 1. This first clip is quite possibly the most suspicious one. You can hear Buddha talking about the possibility of his hops, and then the gameplay starts. Liyo does have a radar, so it is safe to assume he knew the position of the player in the tower. He cooks and throws a discombobulator, knocking both himself and the other player off the tower. Keep in mind, he has to deal with multiple things while he is in the air: where is he going to land, where is he going to look, how he is going to maneuver, where the other player flew, what weapon he is going to pull out, moving his mouse and keys to aim at the player, pulling the weapon out, aiming for the head while both him and the player are gaining velocity, and landing a headshot with the deagle, a weapon which is already quite hard to land a headshot with on a moving target. Keep in mind all of this happens with 3-4 seconds. With all these complex moving pieces at hand, it is almost impossible that he pulled all of this off, and then mentioned nothing about the kill in chat, or after the round had ended. Any other player who landed a shot like this would have been surprised; from Liyo we received nothing. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Set the video speed to .25 and skip to around 1:25. Liyo starts to approach the lighthouse. Keep in mind he has no intel or information that there is another player in the tower, nonetheless on the second floor of the lighthouse. He goes to shoot player "Goont", which just walked into the door of the lighthouse. Shortly after the first shot that Liyo fires, attempting to kill "Goont", his crosshair locks onto the other player which is on the second floor. It is most likely that Liyo has an aimlock key, which triggered when he fired the shot. The argument can be made that the recoil caused him to lock onto the other player, but this is not the case. The rifle's recoil is quite minimal, and does not go in any direction but up. There is a clear lock onto the other player in the lighthouse - not coincidence that his crosshair fell onto him. Liyo ends the clip by shooting "Goont" in the body, which is not normal for Liyo's standard gameplay. Please ignore the music, youtube decided to autoplay a random song after the original song I played ended. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. This clip was taken while Buddha and Liyo were both in spectator deathmatch. You can see that they begin a gunfight and both miss a few shots. Liyo dips down behind the tree and is not able to be seen on Buddha's screen. Buddha has the best line of sight in this gunfight, in the sense that he would have been able to see Liyo if he had rotated. In the clip, Liyo does not rotate off the tree, does not back up, and is not visible during the kill. You may argue this could be because he is head glitching but no - Buddha and I went into DM and recreated this scene exactly. I was standing where Buddha was standing in the original clip, and Buddha was standing where Liyo was standing in the original clip. When I looked at Buddha in the tree, I was able to see him when he could not see me. I was able to shoot him when he could not shoot me. We tested every spot on the tree, and there was not a headglitchable spot, as I always had a sightline on Buddha. We tested all around - even hopping around the tree onto the ladder and the cliffside - to no avail. No matter where Buddha was standing, I had a clear sightline on him. There is no feasible way that Liyo could have pulled that shot off by just crouching on top of the tree. We thought maybe the tree was penetrable and he got a lucky shot through the tree.This is not the case with either of the weapons Liyo was using: the rife and the deagle. What makes this clip extra suspicious was the movement Buddha was performing. Buddha was strafing left to right, while crouching periodically. If the argument was to be made that Liyo popped up for half a second to take the shot, it would be invalid for multiple reasons. It would take millisecond reaction time to predict where Buddha was while fighting Liyo, and for Liyo to pop up faster than could be registered for Buddha to see. It is an impossible shot, that could not be possible without some sort of external help: cheats. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. This next clip shows Liyo killing a player under water. Shortly after he kills the player in the water he flicks to the lighthouse onto a players exact location. Buddha was spectating in third person and I was spectating in first. I thought I was recording as well but my recording software bugged and I couldn't recover the clip of my perspective. However, even in third person you can see Liyo's head flick towards the tower.While this does show Liyo flicking to the player in the tower, it isn't standalone as solid as some of the other clips posted due to the clip being recorded in third person. But, as I was spectating him in first person, I can give my word that he flicked straight onto the player in the lighthouse. After this, Buddha saw that Liyo was looking at Jalepeno, who was AFK in the Nether, which is under the map. We later found out through checking logs that he had a radar. This is important to note however: Liyo had a radar. A radar refreshes every 45 seconds, and the clip is only 32 seconds long. This means that at most, the radar would have refreshed only one time. As you can see from Buddha's perspective, the player in the lighthouse is moving, and is not standing still. It looks very suspicious from our perspective to see a player flick onto the exact location of another player, when the intel that they have simply does not provide them with the exact, current position of a moving player. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. In this first clip, Liyo does 6 successful consecutive bunny hops, in which he is even gaining momentum. This is very hard to do on this map for several reasons. First: momentum acts strange on this map. It is extremely hard to gain momentum, and even harder to keep it and even increase it. For Liyo to pull 6 bhops in which he gains momentum is extremely difficult, and almost impossible. The other reason bhops are difficult to do on this map is because of the block's design. Most blocks on this map are designed to allow the player to "auto climb" them, which means the player does not have to jump over each individual block. This is done by adding a small ramp onto the base of each block, high enough where the game allows the player to essentially "skip" the jump, but low enough to keep the illusion of an auto hop. The issue with this is that bhoping is interrupted by these slopes, unless of course you have an external script. Buddha and I tried recreating these hops in game, and they are not easy in the slightest. Both of us are well versed on how to bhop, and can bhop successfully on other TTT maps that do not use the "auto climb" feature that this map uses. However, for Liyo to seamlessly bhop, gaining momentum with each jump, on a map that's design prevents bhoping is quite impossible. In the second clip, Liyo manages to pull a 13 consecutive bhop, while still gaining momentum. From the information provided above, its already set in stone that even 6 bhops are quite the feat to pull off. 13 bhops is where the line is draw, crossed, and recreated. This type of movement, coupled with the switching of the strafes, the constant de-escalation of the terrain, the aforementioned "auto-climb", and the fact that the rails the user is bhoping on often make the player stick to them makes these jumps impossible without an external script. At the very least, the user is using an auto-hop script, and at the most the user is using the same cheat as his aimlock for his bhops. Although only two clips are show, this player is constantly pulling these bhops with ease, often killing players mid bhop, and bhoping off tricky ledges containing even more "auto-climb" blocks than the clips above. Coupled with all the other clips above, and these two bhop clips in question, it is without a doubt this player is using an external script or cheat to enhance his gameplay. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ On top of all this evidence, while we were attempting to gather proof on Liyo, a hacker joined the server. Liyo, after a couple of rounds, called out this player in staff chat, claiming he was a cheater. No other players had reported the hacker before, during, or after the rounds the hacker had played. Liyo was the only one who called him out. Shortly after, the hacker called out Liyo for cheating as well. Buddha and I found it extremely suspicious that a hacker, who we at that point had confirmed he was cheating, had called out Liyo, a player we were investigating. Both of these players, one that was confirmed to be cheating, and one that was under investigation, both reported each other for cheating when no other players had. The screenshot of this exchange is lost in recording, as it is only a second of over 5 hours of footage, and therefore cannot be submitted as solid proof. But we found it interesting to include, as it had only strengthened our beliefs that Liyo was cheating, due to only another hacker calling him out on his hacks.
  17. @Porpoises I apologize for how I acted, my inition thought was this is more than enough evidence you can see a flick. Conway and nutter informed me that this is possible from a range off different things such as latency. I should have took the time to gather more solid evidence before taking action. Completely immature and not acceptable. I apologize for my behavior once again. I hope my interactions with you hasn't allowed you to think this is how GarnetGaming works. There are no excuses for how I acted towards you and I hope you'll forgive me. With all this being said I am sorry and I hope to see you around on the server.
  18. I've banned probably 100+ aim hackers in my 3000 hours of garry's mod. You're not as sneaky as you think, you locked straight on to him. This will be my last reply since there is no point in further arguing.
  19. You will not be getting unbanned i'm just saying that now, the clip provides more than enough evidence that you were aim hacking.
  20. Around a hour ago I was very suspicious of you aimhacking. On your traitor round you went around and headshot 5-6 people with a m4 while'st they were moving. I was not able to spectate that or get evidence so I spectated you for a couple more rounds. I had to go but I rejoined the server and players were saying you were aimbotting along with staff chat talking about your suspicious. I decided to spectate you once again and here's the results. I apologize for the bad quality in advance its the highest possible. Open it on Youtube for a bit better quality. At around 13 seconds in you shoot while he is behind the rock. After you shoot your cursor moves to his head which is behind the rock and you can not see. This is much easier to see if you put the video on .25 speed. You drag your cursor after your shot a tiny bit in the persons direction but your aim hacks take over and lock fully onto the players head. Along with after the last shot your screen flicks lightly north and to the west. This on top of lots of players along with staff already being very suspicious of you made me believe that you were hacking hands down no questions asked.
  21. Use of damage logs This is for those who are not familiar with all the feature's within Damage logs. Damage logs are very complex but very simple to learn and understand quickly. A- Round selection: Used to set the round of which logs are need to be seen on. Goes back 10 rounds along with showing the previous maps last round B- Highlighting: Used to establish highlighting on the marked players logs.,making their logs distinguished from other players. C- Roles: Shows you the roles of each player that round. D- Suspicious logs: The server marks these logs because their out of the odd. Either its Innocent Vs Innocent or Traitor Vs Traitor. E- Shot logs: Shows everyone who shot that round in order, along with what they shot. F- Old logs: Give you access to view the logs of any rounds yesterday along with today.
  22. Yes, the AWP would and I believe will be a great addition to the traitors spectra of weapons. I’ve brought up with Garnet in the past and I believe it will be getting added. Don’t quote me though haha. A custom form of traitor grenade is a good idea, whether it’s the turtle grenade or banana bomb. None the less I agree with this suggestion. Detectives already are able to have health stations, I don’t see a need for a portable health, If were on the same page you mean something like a equip that the det would carry such as a weapon and when used it gives the detective health. I’m not quite on board with that we already have a health station but a portable tester which could test like 2 players before it breaks would be a good addition in my opinion.
  23. Oooh that’s a great idea aswell. It’s been so long since i’ve used one haha.
  24. Not sure about golden deagle all though golden is likely to get added. Love the idea of sticky bomb Rigger is a good idea aswell
  25. We told you constantly that your reports have been handled https://imgur.com/a/cg7NIz9 . I was told to make a report on here, Although it was not necessarily full spam of Admin chat. spilq was repetitively using Admin for " Check my report" After we told him multiple times that it's been dealt with.
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