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  1. Just got approved for Staff and also a VIP donator. I would like to speak to someone about this.
  2. What would I possibly get banned for? the only thing I could think of is a fight I had with people yesterday where I took out two people with an AK and they accused me of hacking which was clearly not true. I have been on this server for awhile and have fought multiple people that have killed me or I have killed them... I don't get why I got banned with no notice Steam Name: lFUSEl Prior Steam Name: FunBagSandy
  3. Awesome sending Friend Request now. My steam name has changed to L FUSE L btw so if you see that name it is me.
  4. Is there any way I could speak to you on TeamSpeak or chat in someway about some questions regarding this and the donation. I would like to explain some of the confusion I had.
  5. In-game name: FunBagSandy (Willing to change)Age:29SteamID: FunBagSandyTimezone: ESTHow long have you been a part of the community?: about 3 weeks nowDo you have access to TeamSpeak and a microphone?: yes and yesDo you have the ability to screen-record while playing on Rust?: Yes Referral(s): none Past experiences as staff: I used to own and run a server for Conan exiles and arma3 for about 3 years Why should we choose you over other applicants? I am fair and I'm a normal player just like everyone else. I am in the army with leadership and management experience. I have 15 years of computer experience and work in IT with a coding background. I understand how servers and game databases work. I do not give anyone an advantage over another. I am loyal, respectful and have integrity. I also do not give myself advantages when I play with admin privilege. I see people asking for admins quite a bit and try to help with the game knowledge I have, but if I was an admin I could help more. Have you made any previous applications, If so when?: this is my first one How much time do you have to contribute to the role?: 20hours+ a week ( give or take... I am married so you know how that can be lol) If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Rust? I build/repair computers, I have been doing graphic designs for 13 years now, I also like woodworking.
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