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  1. MilitaryRP Reserves Guidelines The "Reserves Guidelines and Rules" section of this page is now null and overwritten by the rules herein. From now until August 3rd**, players may appeal for reserves previously earned if they: Were a faction leader or 2nd in command Have not been banned (excluding accidental mass) since earning their reserves The appeal will function the same as future reserve requests. See below for the conversation to be had. You may only make one request for immediate reserves. ** - This date has been extended out to 2 weeks after a new Manager is assigned. The post will be updated to the correct date at that point. Reserve Requests Reserve requests may be made if you are resigning as the faction leader or 2nd in command. You will be asked 2 simple questions: Why do you deserve reserves? What will you continue to do for the faction? All requests must be heard by the current leader of the applied faction and all executives. Approvals must be unanimous Examples of traits/accomplishments they are looking for include, but are not limited to: tenure, influence on the faction, influence on the server, serving as a role model, and creating positive change. Reserve Rules Players are limited to having reserves for only one faction. All reserves will be at the O-1 paygrade with normal O-1 permissions* (up to current leader's discretion but may not exceed O-1). Coming off of reserves will set you to the lowest enlisted rank for SOC factions and E-6 for base factions. If your request for reserves was denied, you may not make another request until you regain the rank of faction leader or 2nd in command. Breaking server rules while on reserves may result in the removal of your reserves. Subject to severity of rule broken.
  2. Yax and Versetti... Also when we had an SA to do fun things
  3. Oh man Taiga v3 was the map that started it all for a lot of people, a good chunk of whom are still playing. We’ve gone down nostalgia lane recently with Siberia and failed, but I believe that’s because people hated the limitless climable mountains and dark ambience. V3 is heralded as the best of the Taigas and I’d love it’s return.
  4. Well I downloaded Photoshop cause you can’t rotate text in Paint LMAO. For those who don’t know off the top of their head, US Base (bottom right of this picture) is in the NE corner of the map and RU Base (top left of the picture) is tucked in the SW. So the hills/ridges/small hills should all be self explanatory. Think of a small hill as the size of the L-shapes hill outside of US base on CS Desert and a large hill is the size of the hill right out from of Afghan front gate on CS Desert. Ridges should be about 1 player to 2 players tall. To add some substance to the map I added some new buildings in the NW and SE corners of the map. The SE corner behind Silo seemed like a good place for an oil field so I say we use the Oil from Chaharikar. Now in the NW... There’s kind of an Easter Egg vibe over there with the trench and temple. I felt like including a little piece of history would add to the ambience and mystery of that area. Amman is the capital of Jordan, the location of Delta, and has a structure called The Citadel which boasts these beautiful ruins. The Citadel is home to ancient texts that date wayyy back and is said to be a tomb ( see the connection to the Temple!!). Mosque and Boat Depot are two new locations that will provide beauty and war usage. I can understand if we want to stay far from religion as a gaming community but I felt the idea was at least accurate considering 95% of Jordanians are Muslim. So the building itself, id want to be larger in size but there’s the golf ball looking tower right there. I’d ask we remove it and make the mosque about half the size of MATCH. The mosque will provide good cover for RU heading towards KH, a typically difficult push when US soldiers get set up on KH Palm or ATTC 1’s Roofs. Boat Depot! We have a river, we have boats, we have cargo ships. We even have a small dock house. I’m saying we add a small boat depot on the North side of the river! This area is usually No Man’s Land for US as RU from Embassy and KH Palm can rain down on them. This station will provide strong cover from the South (from Embassy) and adequate cover from the W (from KH). So for aesthetics, I was think maybe 2 dock cranes, a small, two story warehouse say the size of the Firing Ranges, and maybe a cargo crate or two near the cranes. Okay last but not least, additional tunnels. For the US tunnel, there is a pair of red crates I like to call Sandwich that are directly SW of the base but mostly W if you leave S gate. I’m suggesting the US has a second exit at the point. For the RU tunnel, there is a rock fixture in the little valley that is perfect for an additional tunnel exit. I loved the way the mines played in Echo so this is drawing inspiration from that. This map is smaller so the tunnels won’t be as long but I feel it adds a good touch and helps people avoid basecamp. EDIT: Fuck I meant for there to be another ridge on the South side on the East end of the River. So yeah I’ll update my picture and the thread when I can. For now imagine it.
  5. I feel like revisions F, D, and B (in no particular order) will be the most impactful. F. Streamlining our training process will prove fruitful. Our staff team is growing, and I believe adequate enough to deal with those who have opportunities to break the rules by passing an automated test. Also I trust that you’ll keep the map optimized if you’re adding fun things in the spawn room so FPS won’t take a hit. A question around the OOC room, would players just /citizen to go there? B + D. Adding more cover and optimizing the map will be huge. Hills, rocks, etc. will all be useful. I know we had fun brainstorming an underground aspect for Omega. Now I’m not certain how much work you want to pump into the terrain as you know your timeline better than anyone, but growing on the existing tunnel systems to pop out at different locations would be an amazing touch. One thing I want to note, I call the areas salt flats but it’s that snow-white kind of cracked-earth texture that’s in a few places, these areas shit on my FPS and other players have confirmed that they also suffer around these areas. You can test it out for yourself to gauge performance. Go SE from US base as if you’re going to the Docks and that’s the texture. C + E. I’m all for dimming the lights. It comes off as pretty harsh. One thing I disagree on is that models don’t really stick out THAT much. Army models, cachet, and really anything with tan does well in the open desert. The darker models blend well with the rocks As they typically have a darker hue. Changing the time to dusk would probably level out all of the models but I don’t see it as a pressing issue. A. I pray US can swallow their pride and teach their enlisted how to be wall warriors when necessary. I’ve tried and only two people showed up. The reduction in fog will help pick off those who are straying a little to close to each base. I can see it going both ways, meaning those basecamping can also see clearer. However defenders should have more to gain here, especially once 3rd person is gone. (And you said you didn’t expect positive feedback on it ) Strong update in general, man. Excited to see Delta v2. EDIT: Grabbing an overhead of Delta to become Picasso and draw out ideas and locations.
  6. That first sip of coffee after a shitty night’s sleep hits different.

    1. Tora1


      I’ve had three cups and I’m still not awake 

  7. @Cold Soldier I would imagine the punishments would be minor if there are any at all. Rather, if you choose not to attend, we shouldn’t hear any whining that your voice isn’t heard. I use “your” as an all encompassing word, not you specifically, Soldier.
  8. Not at all. This leaves the door open for people who just can’t play often (ie Prison) and shuts it for people who swap factions but expect reserves.
  9. My quick two cents. A dominant theme I’m seeing in a lot of the responses opposing this change is that faction leaders or officers with tenure should have reserves. I disagree. There have been some AWFUL leaders and WORTHLESS officers who were with a faction for a long period of time. Tenure and having an O-6/O-11 rank ≠ you being productive and leaving a positive lasting impact on a faction. No one is entitled to reserves. Having said that, I think limiting reserves to medical emergencies, PC problems, etc is a little unfair to the people who have done all the right things. Sometimes a few bad apples does spoil the whole bunch and you’ll have to live with it. That’s life and I’m willing to accept that I can have my reserves taken away due to others’ mistakes. However people like Prison should 100% have their case heard and retain reserves. These are people who have a positive impact every time they return to the server and don’t go active due to playtime restraints.
  10. Who is your most hated League champion and why is it Zoe?

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    2. Tora1


      On god all teemo mains deserve to die lol

    3. petal


      I'm with Toucan, Heimerdinger can suck a dick, specially when he goes mid. 

    4. Aries


      no darius is worst fuck that guy

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