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  1. That first sip of coffee after a shitty night’s sleep hits different.

    1. Tora1


      I’ve had three cups and I’m still not awake 

  2. @Cold Soldier I would imagine the punishments would be minor if there are any at all. Rather, if you choose not to attend, we shouldn’t hear any whining that your voice isn’t heard. I use “your” as an all encompassing word, not you specifically, Soldier.
  3. Not at all. This leaves the door open for people who just can’t play often (ie Prison) and shuts it for people who swap factions but expect reserves.
  4. My quick two cents. A dominant theme I’m seeing in a lot of the responses opposing this change is that faction leaders or officers with tenure should have reserves. I disagree. There have been some AWFUL leaders and WORTHLESS officers who were with a faction for a long period of time. Tenure and having an O-6/O-11 rank ≠ you being productive and leaving a positive lasting impact on a faction. No one is entitled to reserves. Having said that, I think limiting reserves to medical emergencies, PC problems, etc is a little unfair to the people who have done all the right things. Sometimes a few bad apples does spoil the whole bunch and you’ll have to live with it. That’s life and I’m willing to accept that I can have my reserves taken away due to others’ mistakes. However people like Prison should 100% have their case heard and retain reserves. These are people who have a positive impact every time they return to the server and don’t go active due to playtime restraints.
  5. Who is your most hated League champion and why is it Zoe?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Tora1


      On god all teemo mains deserve to die lol

    3. petal


      I'm with Toucan, Heimerdinger can suck a dick, specially when he goes mid. 

    4. Aries


      no darius is worst fuck that guy

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