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Halloween Eve!

Lets hope corona doesn't ruin this one for us 🙂

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  1. NBA WhiteBoy

    1. Ozzy


      Yo fuck that dude. He wrongfully banned me 😠

    2. broken



      yo my mrp is broken someone help 😭 

    3. Ozzy


      I was practicing MS Paint 😩

  2. Aparh

    Do you really curl 130?

    1. Ozzy


      3rd to last comment

    2. Aparh


      .... no comment LMAO 

    3. Mitsuri


      Vizii is just built different 😎

  3. Jake

    At least you wont see @Ozzy every day under random swrp posts anymore

    1. Ozzy


      Lol locking and moving posts takes 15 seconds. Never was an inconvenience.

  4. have you just not updated your signature or are you still a bloody admin

    1. Ozzy


      Admin still. One of two people given the tag on the forums to help facilitate MRP.

  5. Stop baiting teammates 24/7

    1. Tora1


      playing with amanda feels like getting kicked in the balls with steel toe boots.

    2. Topshot1


      I can not reach Amanda. Please tell her to unblock me. Thank you.

    3. Toucan


      @Amanda Strike Please give topshot a chance to talk it out to you, he is a gentleman, you will find.


  6. HARIS


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    2. GameClicher


      If you believe you were wrongfully banned appeal it.

    3. Shin_Tsukimi


      +1 @0zzy is a monster for banning this man, who has put so much time into this appeal. How dare you ever stoop this low, you heartless monster. 

    4. Bozee


      how are you not unbanned by now bro..?


  7. Yax and Versetti... Also when we had an SA to do fun things
  8. Oh man Taiga v3 was the map that started it all for a lot of people, a good chunk of whom are still playing. We’ve gone down nostalgia lane recently with Siberia and failed, but I believe that’s because people hated the limitless climable mountains and dark ambience. V3 is heralded as the best of the Taigas and I’d love it’s return.
  9. Well I downloaded Photoshop cause you can’t rotate text in Paint LMAO. For those who don’t know off the top of their head, US Base (bottom right of this picture) is in the NE corner of the map and RU Base (top left of the picture) is tucked in the SW. So the hills/ridges/small hills should all be self explanatory. Think of a small hill as the size of the L-shapes hill outside of US base on CS Desert and a large hill is the size of the hill right out from of Afghan front gate on CS Desert. Ridges should be about 1 player to 2 players tall. To add some substance to t
  10. I feel like revisions F, D, and B (in no particular order) will be the most impactful. F. Streamlining our training process will prove fruitful. Our staff team is growing, and I believe adequate enough to deal with those who have opportunities to break the rules by passing an automated test. Also I trust that you’ll keep the map optimized if you’re adding fun things in the spawn room so FPS won’t take a hit. A question around the OOC room, would players just /citizen to go there? B + D. Adding more cover and optimizing the map will be huge. Hills, rocks, etc. will all be
  11. That first sip of coffee after a shitty night’s sleep hits different.

    1. Tora1


      I’ve had three cups and I’m still not awake 

  12. @Cold Soldier I would imagine the punishments would be minor if there are any at all. Rather, if you choose not to attend, we shouldn’t hear any whining that your voice isn’t heard. I use “your” as an all encompassing word, not you specifically, Soldier.
  13. Not at all. This leaves the door open for people who just can’t play often (ie Prison) and shuts it for people who swap factions but expect reserves.
  14. My quick two cents. A dominant theme I’m seeing in a lot of the responses opposing this change is that faction leaders or officers with tenure should have reserves. I disagree. There have been some AWFUL leaders and WORTHLESS officers who were with a faction for a long period of time. Tenure and having an O-6/O-11 rank ≠ you being productive and leaving a positive lasting impact on a faction. No one is entitled to reserves. Having said that, I think limiting reserves to medical emergencies, PC problems, etc is a little unfair to the people who have done all the right things
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