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  1. Sorry for the Necro but the AEK as well as the MSBS have yet to receive updates to their spread. Not sure if this is by choice but the MSBS shoots the same bullet as the Scar L.
  2. Taiga v3 Full Company. You can re-texture it to make it less gray and more brown/tan to fit the map esthetic. Its an OBJ with 360 degree playability, offers vertical and horizontal aspects, and has been a resounding favorite every time it’s been available. Negatives: some windows are blacked out until a certain distance, which gives a strong advantage to those looking out the windows. Hopefully that could be fixed. EDIT: I’ve suggested this before but expanding on the cargo area would be beneficial. The area seems to have had some hills placed in the vicinity but I’d beli
  3. /Squads are fucked up. The command brings up the UI but it’s blank besides saying United States in the top left. EDIT - Got a console error for yah [squadsystem] addons/squadsystem/lua/bizzyparty/cl_core.lua:53: attempt to index field 'Parties' (a nil value) 1. Menu - addons/squadsystem/lua/bizzyparty/cl_core.lua:53 2. unknown - LuaCmd:1 Currently, every player can hop on AFSOC jobs. I’ll perma prop some shit around the npc so people can’t abuse this to spawn choppers. Once that’s fixed I’ll remove the perma prop. Also GB has friendly fire turned on in war. (PDSS
  4. you're a fucking retard

  5. I can Perma Prop now. The issue is creating a physical catalogue on the server how SWRP did it. Or creating a Google Sheet detailing it. I'll get it done but i need to organize my priorities before I can commit to when this will be set up.
  6. Hey man we swapped OFF of the Diver models on the map with the largest body of water we’ve ever had. Overall stoked for the update and I’ll keep you posted on how the server plays and performs with our new toys and tick rate. Gimme a couple of hours to come up with the Armory Inventories. I’ll make a new comment on the thread.
  7. There’s a list in the Staff Discord of stuff Don and I have compiled. As far as what you’re asking for here: - The ropes in the rope course in ATTC (in the same building as Shipment) are invisible - There are still cap zone issues. You can double cap Mosque and Cons still. There are also several spots near Power Plant where you can cap at a place you definitely should not. There may be even more. Cap zones definitely need to be fine tuned. - The ATTC 2 button at PP as many have mentioned Those are the bugs that I’ve seen so far. There is other work that needs to be done
  8. A feature btw. Not an accident afaik.
  9. When is the map change happening 

    1. Tora1


      Shut up 

    2. Theta2


      Shut up nigga

    3. Zachman


      Ah it is changing tonight, thank you manager sir!

  10. Jake

    wakey wakey.

  11. Not sure if he ever got around to it but here you go. The room he's saying he likes is the first room in the video.
  12. From your previous screenshots it looks like they are varying in size and obviously in location. How many sizes are there and where are the locations? Reason for my questions being, the signs with the most foot traffic should cost the most, and then adjusted for size. To give you good news (hopefully) I know 3 people who genuinely said they would pay $50 easy for a sign. Myself being a 4th
  13. Hi there Mash Trapper. Friendly reminder of my brief point in TS. In that first pic of Cons (can’t quote cause mobile blows camel cock, but I’m sure you’ll remember where I’m taking about) , I think the crane asset from the Taiga’s would fit in mighty well! I’d even go as far as saying adding clime-able ladders to it would provide a fun element to that naked area by Garnet Gaming Crashed Helicopter Crater ™. I’ll take a deeper look at City later tonight and give constructive criticism that hopefully won’t turn into a compliment again.
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